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Megyn Kelly says Fox News will try and silence Tucker Carlson through the 2024 election

Megyn Kelly says Fox News will try and silence Tucker Carlson through the 2024 election

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Fox News firing Tucker Carlson as a gut punch for the conservative movement.

But it’s about to get worse from here.

And Megyn Kelly broke some brutal news about what Fox has planned for Tucker Carlson.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

All hell broke loose when Fox News canceled Tucker Carlson.

The truth is even worse than you think.

And Megyn Kelly dropped a bombshell about Fox News taking Tucker Carlson off the air.

Fox News released a terse statement on midday April 24th stating that the network and Tucker Carlson agreed to part ways.

On her podcast Megyn Kelly explained that Fox News worded their statement in that manner because they have not technically fired Tucker Carlson.

Kelly told listeners that Fox News took Carlson off the air and plans to prevent Carlson from joining another cable news network or starting his own media empire by continuing to pay out the remainder of Carlson’s deal which runs through the end of 2024.

A source close to Fox News management confirmed this was the case to Breitbart saying Fox’s game plan involved sidelining Carlson through the 2024 election.

“As of right now, the plan remains the same: pay out Carlson’s contract and keep him on the sidelines through the 2024 elections,” one source at Fox News stated. “They knew they would take a beating for this, but everyone — and I mean everyone — is pretty rattled. They weren’t expecting the blowback to be this bad. Hate to say it, but it’s clear that Rupert has lost a step or two.”

Fox News ratings plunged 50 percent following Carlson’s ouster.

But Fox News management figures it will eventually regain the audience as the 2024 election cycle heats up under the belief that conservatives will have no other alternative but to watch Fox News.

If Fox News actually fired Carlson he could show up at Newsmax, One America News Network or start his own independent media outlet and give the viewers who abandoned Fox News over his absence an alternative.

But Carlson is not taking Fox News’ scheme to put him on ice through the 2024 election lying down.

Carlson hired legal pit bull Bryan Freedman — who secured Megyn Kelly’s release from NBC — to represent him.

“Messy media breakups are a staple for Freedman, famed for aggressively representing a laundry list of the entertainment world’s most prominent figures. His clients include Vin Diesel, Quentin Tarantino, and Mariah Carey. Freedman previously worked to help former host Megyn Kelly secure around $30 million from NBC News after she parted ways with the network in 2019. Kelly was fired halfway through her three-year contract worth $69 million, but NBC agreed to pay her the remainder of her original salary,” Business Insider exclusively reported.

And the strong likelihood is that Carlson will make his presence felt during the 2024 election.

That is bad news for Fox News.

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