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Megyn Kelly Destroyed CNN For Trying to Hide One Reality From You

Megyn Kelly Destroyed CNN For Trying to Hide One Reality From You

Megyn Kelly
MattGagnon, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

CNN spent years squandering its credibility with outrageous liberal bias.

Now it’s all gone.

Megyn Kelly destroyed CNN for trying to hide one reality from you.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

After Discovery merged with CNN’s parent company Warner Brothers the new regime set out with a supposed mission of moving CNN back to the middle.

New network president Chris Licht jettisoning pro-Democrat Party cheerleader Brian Stelter and canceling the “Reliable Sources” program was seen as an olive branch to the right that this management team was committed to fairness.

But recent moves by Licht and CNN call all of that into question.

Licht inherited a disaster in primetime where no show could bring in one million viewers.

That led Licht to yank low-rated liberal host Don Lemon out of his 10 p.m. timeslot and move him to a reconstituted “New Day” morning show where Lemon would co-host with fellow liberal activists Kaitlan Collins and Poppy Harlow.

Lemon went on the air and sold getting taken out of primetime to host a morning show that is on its fifth iteration in less than a decade as somehow a promotion.

“I was presented with an opportunity that I can’t pass up at this network.” Lemon told viewers.

“And we have a new boss who is a morning show impresario, and he wants a morning show that will kick off the editorial direction of the network every single day, and I am honored that he would ask me to do it,” Lemon continued.

Megyn Kelly – herself a former Fox News primetime host – ridiculed the idea that Lemon could say leaving primetime – where the show he hosted bore his name – to cohosting a morning program represented a step up for his career.

Kelly noted it was a clear demotion.

“It’s such a joke,” Kelly said in an interview with Newsmax’s Eric Bolling. “I love it. All I could think of when he got booted out of his own show with his name on it in the primetime down to the morning – where he has two other co-hosts sitting there next to him of equal importance – and said it’s a promotion was, sure, Jan, sure Jan.”

And by putting Lemon with Harlow and Collins – three liberals that hate Donald Trump and Trump supporters – CNN proved it had no intention of reining in the liberal partisanship that poisoned CNN’s airwaves ever since 2016.

Instead, CNN is just trying to find a more agreeable combination of Trump-hating liberals to put on in the morning that can attract a bigger audience.

And if there was any doubt about this strategy Licht chose former Democrat Party campaign press operative and gun control activist Jake Tapper to host the 9 p.m. hour in primetime through the election.

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