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One Massive Court Defeat Will Thrill Donald Trump

One Massive Court Defeat Will Thrill Donald Trump

Donald Trump
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Donald Trump’s enemies are starting to learn some painful lessons.

The shoe is on the other foot.

And one massive court defeat will thrill Donald Trump.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Nothing upset liberals more than when Donald Trump blasted the corporate media as the enemy of the people.

What angered activists in the press was the fact that Trump exposed them as frauds who spent decades carefully crafting an image as unbiased observers of American politics.

In reality, so-called “journalists” were really just Democrat Party activists that lied, fabricated stories and twisted any given set of facts to make Democrats look as good as possible while advancing the left’s political agenda.

The New York State Supreme Court proved Trump right once again that so-called “reporters” were left-wing hatchet men that only pretended to practice journalism.

Judge Charles Wood wrote an opinion ruling that The New York Times improperly published privileged communications between the conservative undercover journalism group Project Veritas and its attorney.

The judge agreed with Project Veritas that the government leaked the privileged communications to the Times constituting the Times getting their hands on the communications by “irregular means.”

“The court finds that Project Veritas has met its burden of showing that the subject memoranda were obtained by irregular means, if not both irregular and improper means,” Judge Wood wrote.

In November, the Times published a story about the FBI kicking down the door of Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe.

The story contained details of the group’s communications with its attorneys on how Project Veritas could conduct undercover, investigative journalism and not break any laws.

FBI agents dragged O’Keefe out in the hallway of his apartment wearing nothing but his underwear and handcuffed him.

The federal goon squad carried out the raid on behalf of Joe Biden to terrorize O’Keefe over the fact that a source gave O’Keefe Ashley Biden’s diary.

O’Keefe never published the diary, but the FBI is now the enforcement arm of the Democrat Party and by raiding O’Keefe’s apartment the government could seize O’Keefe’s electronic devices and learn the identity of O’Keefe’s sources and donors.

By obtaining the identities of O’Keefe’s donors and sources the FBI could then investigate them or leak their identities to the public so liberal mobs could show up at their homes and businesses to threaten them.

Judge Wood added that there are always limits to the First Amendment and that attorney-client privilege is one of the most sacred rights in America.

“Like the attorney-client privilege, the First Amendment is vital to our republic, but also has limits,” Judge Wood added. “‘For even though the broad sweep of the First Amendment seems to prohibit all restraints on free expression, this Court has observed that freedom of speech does not comprehend the right to speak on any subject at any time.’”

Project Veritas celebrated the ruling.

“The New York Times has long forgotten the meaning of the journalism it claims to espouse, and has instead become a vehicle for the prosecution of a partisan political agenda. Today’s ruling affirms that the New York Times’ behavior was irregular and outside the boundaries of law,” Project Veritas attorney Libby Locke declared in a statement issued to The Daily Caller. “The Court’s thoughtful and well researched opinion is a victory for the First Amendment for all journalists and affirms the sanctity of the attorney-client relationship.”

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