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Marco Rubio Rips Joe Biden for UFO Cover Up

Marco Rubio Rips Joe Biden for UFO Cover Up

Marco Rubio
Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

The American military has been shooting down UFOs over American skies.

But the administration is hiding the truth about what is going on.

Marco Rubio rips Joe Biden for UFO cover-up.

As Great American Daily reports:

The American people were furious after Joe Biden allowed a Communist Chinese spy balloon to traverse the entire United States.

Officials began tracking the balloon a week prior to it entering U.S. airspace but still did nothing as it crossed Alaska and floated above the continental United States.

After that backlash Biden got all trigger happy and began scrambling fighter jets to shoot down any UFO radar could pick up.

That led to the military downing three UFOs — two over Alaska and one over Lake Huron, Michigan — despite the pilots having no idea what they were shooting at.

One of the UFO encounters almost ended in disaster when the first missile shot missed the UFO.

The missile crashed into Lake Huron and avoided a calamity that could have cost lives.

The administration finally held a classified briefing for U.S. senators which ended up being a giant waste of time.

Florida Republican Marco Rubio appeared on Guy Benson’s Fox News Radio show and revealed 99 percent of the information the briefers presented could be declassified and made public.

“First, let me tell you that I believe that 99% — let me be fair, let’s just be generous, 95% of what they shared with us at that briefing today may be classified, but it doesn’t need to be. There’s nothing classified about it,” Rubio began.

Rubio added that after the briefing it still did not answer the question about if the administration was right to begin shooting down any object floating over the American skies without any concern if what they were shooting at was an actual threat.

This briefing still did not provide an acceptable answer as to why Biden allowed the Communist Chinese spy balloon to violate American airspace and then fly across the entire country before getting shot down over the Atlantic Ocean after it completed its mission.

“Was it the smart thing to do? The answer is, I don’t know until we know at least some more attributes about what it was. The Chinese spy balloon, we knew what it was. We knew why it was there. And I believe that it should have been shot down before it got over Montana…these others, maybe. But we fired pretty expensive missiles at a very small object and I’m curious why now…we finally start shooting at these things. Maybe it was the right thing to do, but until we know more about what they have on them, it’s hard to make that — I’m not going to second-guess the view of it,” Rubio concluded.

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