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Kamala Harris Couldn’t Believe What Took Place On This Key Phone Call

Kamala Harris Couldn’t Believe What Took Place On This Key Phone Call

Andrew Cuomo
Delta News Hub, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Kamala Harris is expecting to one day take over for Joe Biden.

But Harris has rivals within the Democrat Party.

And Kamala Harris couldn’t believe what took place on this key phone call.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Political observers believe Andrew Cuomo hoped to use his handling of the coronavirus pandemic as the springboard to winning a record fourth term as New York Governor in 2022 and then a presidential campaign in 2024.

But the unraveling of the scandal surrounding Cuomo covering up the true number of coronavirus deaths in nursing homes finds Cuomo administration under FBI investigation, Republicans introducing articles of impeachment and calls for his resignation.

The bad news continues to pour in as Cuomo’s fellow Democrats continue to reveal new layers to this scandal.

Assemblyman Ron Kim of Queens—whose relatives died from coronavirus in a nursing home—blasted Cuomo in an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” expanding on the story where Cuomo threatened him over the phone warning that Cuomo would “destroy” Kim for not going along with Cuomo’s lies about the nursing home scandal.

“For 10 minutes he berated me. He yelled at me. He told me that my career would be over,” Kim told the hosts of “Morning Joe.”Kim continued, “He has been biting his tongue for months against me. And I had tonight — not tomorrow, tonight — to issue a new statement essentially asking me to lie. I heard and saw a crime the other day. And he’s asking me [to say] that I did not see that crime.”

Kim claimed Cuomo’s shouting “was loud enough for my wife to hear. She was in shock. She didn’t get any sleep that night,” and that Kim recounted that “we were terrified.”

Kim alleged that Cuomo ups his threats demanding others lie the more the pressure on the nursing home scandal increases.

“When we get closer to the truth behind the growing nursing home scandal in New York, Governor Cuomo tries to implicate you in the cover-up, or threatens your livelihood if you don’t lie for him. And that’s what happened to me in the last week,” Kim stated.

Kim’s testimony will serve to bolster the case of Cuomo critics who claim that the Governor obstructed justice by refusing to turn over documents to the Justice Department and state legislature and then allegedly asked officials to lie on his behalf.

If Cuomo goes down because of this scandal it will take one potential rival for Kamala Harris off the board well ahead of the 2024 presidential primary.

Joe Biden would be 82 years old in 2024 and given his obvious mental decline, few believe he will run for re-election three years from now.

Harris will be the frontrunner in that race but Harris is a politician of little talent and no base.

Any rival that shows any promise needs to be destroyed to clear a path for Harris to win the nomination.

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