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Kamala Harris Let Something Shocking Slip About Joe Biden’s 2024 Plans

Kamala Harris Let Something Shocking Slip About Joe Biden’s 2024 Plans

Kamala Harris
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Democrats continue to make it clear they do not want Joe Biden to run for re-election in 2024.

But Biden keeps insisting he will run for re-election.

And Kamala Harris let something shocking slip about Joe Biden’s 2024 plans.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Normally it is a given that an incumbent president will run for re-election.

However, Joe Biden is anything but normal.

Biden’s approval rating crashed to 38 percent, lower than at any point in Donald Trump’s presidency.

Biden will also turn 82 years old in 2024.

And Biden already exhibits signs of cognitive decline.

The New York Times published two articles in recent weeks where Democrats went on the record suggesting that Joe Biden is simply too old to run for re-election in 2024.

Democrats won’t say it out loud, but they believe Biden is too senile to serve a second term and they do not believe he can defeat Donald Trump.

Kamala Harris sought to put these doubts to rest in an interview with CNN.

Harris told host Dana Bash that Biden was definitely running for re-election and that Harris would once again join him on the ticket as the vice-presidential running mate.

“Joe Biden is running for reelection, and I will be his ticket mate,” Harris declared. “Full stop.”

But within hours Harris clarified her remark softening the comment to Biden only intending to run for re-election.

“The president intends to run, and if he does, I will be his ticket mate,” Harris explained in a gaggle with reporters aboard Air Force Two. “We will run together.”

The stated reason given by Biden’s handlers for Harris walking back her declaration that Biden was running for re-election involved campaign finance law.

If Biden announced himself as a declared candidate, then federal limits on how Biden could raise and spend money would kick in.

The Biden team tried to claim this was a just a technical correction.

But no one in the corporate media or Democrat Party actually thinks Joe Biden is running for re-election.

Democrats and their allies in the press dismiss Biden’s insistence that he is running for re-election as a feint in order to maintain his political viability.

The second Joe Biden announces he is not running for re-election Biden turns into the biggest and weakest lame duck in the history of the American presidency.

But Kamala Harris softening her language on Biden’s re-election plans is the first tell from inside the administration that Biden will not seek a second term.

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