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Kamala Harris’s Admission About Voter Fraud Will Leave You Speechless

Kamala Harris’s Admission About Voter Fraud Will Leave You Speechless

Kamala Harris

Donald Trump contested the 2020 election.

Democrats and the media called him a liar.

Kamala Harris’s admission about voter fraud will leave you speechless.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Democrats are trying to ram a bill through the Senate that would put the federal government in charge of elections to expand on the voting practices that were in place during the 2020 election.

This legislation would also cripple the ability of states to enforce voter ID laws.

Democrats tried to craft a so-called “compromise” bill that mandates universal mail-in voting as well as ballot harvesting in all 50 states while at the same time imposing a watered-down national voter ID provision.

In an interview with BET, Kamala Harris threw cold water on this idea claiming it was “almost impossible” for rural Americans to comply with voter ID requirements for mail-in voting because they lacked access to a Kinkos.

This answer puzzled many Americans.

First, voter ID laws are extremely popular and minority voters strongly support laws making voters prove their identity before casting a ballot.

Second, Americans want to know why Kamala Harris is fighting legislation that would secure the integrity of the vote by making sure voters are who they say they are.

The election bill is the Democrats’ number one wish list item.

But Kamala Harris made it even more of an uphill climb to pass this legislation by opposing voter ID.

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