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A Judge’s Ruling In One Criminal Case Will Make Bill Clinton Look Over His Shoulder

A Judge’s Ruling In One Criminal Case Will Make Bill Clinton Look Over His Shoulder

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton’s name is never too far from scandal.

Democrats are leaning that lesson the hard way.

And a judge’s ruling in one criminal case will make Bill Clinton look over his shoulder.

As Great American Daily reports:

Two financial analysts named John Moynihan and Larry Doyle sued the IRS claiming the Whistleblower’s Office did not properly check to see if the IRS opened a criminal investigation into the Clinton Foundation after Moynihan and Doyle submitted a complaint about financial misdeeds at the foundation.

Moynihan and Doyle admitted they were motivated by money as the IRS has on occasion provided a reward fee for tipsters that turn in credible information that leads to recovered money.

U.S. Tax Court Judge David Gustafson ruled in their favor claiming the Whistleblower Office’s claim that the IRS never conducted a criminal investigation did not square with the factual record.

“The WO [Whistleblower Office] must further investigate to determine whether CI [Criminal Investigation division] proceeded with an investigation based on petitioners’ information and collected proceeds,” the judge wrote. “It seems clear we should remand the case to the WO so that it can explore this gap.”

In their initial complaint, Moynihan and Doyle alleged they caught Clinton Foundation CFO Andrew Kessel claiming Bill Clinton used foundation funds for personal use.

“He told us that Mr. Clinton mixed and matched his personal business with that of the foundation,” Moynihan stated.

The two financial analysts also alleged the Clinton Foundation violated laws about registering as a foreign agent for not disclosing its dealings with the government of Mozambique.

“The foundation began working as an agent of a foreign government early in its life and continued,” Moynihan claimed emails dating back to 2002 showed.

But Moynihan and Doyle did not get everything they wanted.

Judge Gustafson ruled that they would not get a trial to prove the Clinton Foundation committed tax evasion in this particular case.

“Petitioners evidently look forward to a trial in which they hope to prove wrongdoing and tax evasion by the target entities and to prove dereliction of duty by the IRS,” the judge ruled. “There will be no such trial in this case.”

But this ruling still could help uncover wrongdoing.

If the IRS lied about not conducting a criminal investigation it will raise questions as to why the Whistleblower’s Office did not tell the truth, and what the results of the investigation were.

Likewise, if there was no criminal investigation the IRS may face pressure to open one way after being caught red-handed perpetrating a cover-up.

The good news is that one way or the other, the American people will learn the truth about these credible allegations of wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation.

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