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John McCain Helped One Deep State Whistleblower Do the Unthinkable To Trump

John McCain Helped One Deep State Whistleblower Do the Unthinkable To Trump

John McCain

The late John McCain was a committed Trump opponent.

McCain spent his final years promoting the Russian collusion hoax.

And now it’s been revealed that John McCain helped one Deep State whistleblower do the unthinkable to Trump.

The Russian collusion conspiracy theory picked up steam in January 2017 after BuzzFeed published in full the fake news Christopher Steele “Trump-Russia” dossier.

BuzzFeed’s decision to publish the story came after fake news CNN anchor Jake Tapper reported that FBI Director James Comey briefed the President on the supposed “fact” that the Russian government had compromising information on Trump.

Up until this point, even the fake news media – which desperately wanted Hillary Clinton to defeat Donald Trump – refused to publish reports despite the blatantly obvious fact that the dossier was fake news.

The story of which Deep State leaker fed BuzzFeed the story was a mystery.

Until now.

A footnote inside Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report revealed that Christopher Steele testified that Steele believed top John McCain aide David Kramer leaked the dossier to BuzzFeed for publication.

Horowitz reported:

Steele testified in foreign litigation that he did not provide his reports to journalists or media organizations and did not authorize anyone to share them. According to the McCain Institute staff member’s testimony in the same litigation, Steele requested that the staff member meet with BuzzFeed, and that Steele neither requested nor prohibited the staff member from sharing the reports with BuzzFeed. Additionally, the staff member testified that Steele was aware that the staff member was furnishing Steele’s reports to The Washington Post.

Steele told the OIG that he trusted the staff member to handle his reports discretely and that the staff member betrayed that trust. Steele explained that the staff member had spent his career handling sensitive intelligence. Steele also said he understood from a former Ambassador that Senator McCain requested that Steele trust the staff member. Steele said he was “absolutely flabbergasted” when BuzzFeed published his election reports.

This was the second report in as many weeks that placed McCain at the center of a campaign to spread Steele’s hoax allegations that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians.

It was previously reported that McCain laundered Steele’s gossip to the FBI after the FBI discontinued their relationship with Steele as a confidential source.

The FBI broke off their association with Steele because of the ex-British spy’s repeated press contacts.

This story also makes it clear that even as Donald Trump prepared to enter the White House, John McCain – the failed 2008 Republican Presidential nominee – believed the baseless conspiracy theory that Trump was secretly working as a Russian asset.

McCain’s false belief in this smear could help explain why the late Senator was so unhelpful in helping the President pass his agenda as evidenced by McCain’s vote against the so-called “skinny” Obamacare repeal bill in July 2017.

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