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Joe Biden’s Latest Gaffe Is Going To Cause Him This Major Legal Problem

Joe Biden’s Latest Gaffe Is Going To Cause Him This Major Legal Problem

Joe Biden
Photo by Gage Skidmore

Joe Biden’s well known for saying outlandish things.

Usually, his allies in the media can cover up for him.

But Joe Biden’s latest gaffe is going to cause him this major legal problem.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Joe Biden appeared for a Rose Garden ceremony where he announced several executives to gut the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners.

Biden’s owners restricted the right of Americans to sell or transfer homemade guns, criminalized commonly owned firearms accessories and created a roadmap for states to enact red flag confiscation laws that allow judges to order police to storm into Americans’ homes and confiscate their firearms.

In justifying these unconstitutional attacks on the right to keep and bear arms, Biden uttered one of the most frightening sentences ever spoken by an American president.

Biden read a script prepared for him by his handlers that read “no amendment to the Constitution is absolute.”

“No amendment, no amendment to the Constitution is absolute,” Biden declared. “You can’t yell ‘fire’ in a crowded movie theater — recall a freedom of speech. From the very beginning, you couldn’t own any weapon you wanted to own. From the very beginning that the Second Amendment existed, certain people weren’t allowed to have weapons.”

The 13th Amendment banned slavery and involuntary servitude.

Critics wondered if Biden thought that no amendment is absolute, then what is the exception to banning slavery?

Biden also falsely claimed you cannot yell “fire in a crowded theater” as an example of the limits on rights.

That is a lie.

Brandenburg v. Ohio overruled that 100-year-old Supreme Court precedent and limited the government’s right to restrict speech to just speech that incited criminal acts.

Biden then claimed it was his duty to act like a king because America’s elected representatives refused to disarm firearms owners.

“The job of any president is to protect the American people, whether Congress acts or not,” Biden continued. “I’m going to use all the resources at my disposal to keep the American people safe from gun violence. But there’s much more that Congress can do to help that effort.”

Biden announcing illegal and unconstitutional gun control executives did not sit well with the people tasked with enforcing laws.

West Virginia Attorney General Pat Morrisey promised to sue Biden over these assaults on God-given rights.

“Defending the Second Amendment remains one of the most important priorities for the West Virginia Attorney General’s Office. I will not allow the far left to run roughshod over our citizens’ gun rights. If President Biden follows through on his proposals, we will be in court very quickly,” Morrisey’s statement read. “Gun violence and the senseless death attributed to it should pain all Americans, however, the evil acts of a select few should never be a catalyst for stripping the lawful masses of their constitutional rights, especially their right to self-defense and to bear arms.”

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