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One of Joe Biden’s Closest Allies Broke Some Brutal News About His Future

One of Joe Biden’s Closest Allies Broke Some Brutal News About His Future

Official White House Photo by Cameron Smith via Flickr

Joe Biden wants to run for re-election.

Polls show Americans strongly disagree.

And one of Joe Biden’s closest allies broke some brutal news about his future.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Joe Biden’s path to the White House in 2024 is getting increasingly difficult, to the point that even some of his closest allies are admitting that Biden could be looking at the possibility of losing the next presidential election.

This comes at a time when Republicans like Donald Trump have already publicly announced that they’re going to run against Biden next year, while others like Ron DeSantis are weighing their options about formally throwing their hat into the ring and seeking the Republican nomination in 2024.

But while Joe Biden’s approval ratings have been stuck in the mud for well over a year, few within his own political party were willing to admit how much danger Biden is currently in.

But now, it is becoming increasingly difficult to hide the truth from the American people, and some within the Democrat-aligned mainstream media are finally coming clean about Joe Biden’s looming political nightmare.

The Hill reports, “President Biden is entering the new year riding high off a better-than-expected midterm election performance for his party that has improved his political standing while damaging his chief GOP rival — former President Trump.

“Yet Biden also enters the new year with lingering questions over his age and his overall political strength — most notably whether he can defeat a different Republican in Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis if he is the GOP nominee in 2024.”

The fact that a media outlet that covers Washington, D.C. with a regular left-wing slant is admitting that Joe Biden could end up losing in 2024, speaks volumes about the political hole Joe Biden has dug for himself.

Ron DeSantis hasn’t even formally announced a presidential campaign and already it is becoming clear that Joe Biden may be in serious danger against him in a potential 2024 matchup.

“It’s crazy to me that Biden is polling so low, even with Dems,” said one top Democrat political operative.

Most public polling shows Biden would lose to Ron DeSantis in the next election, while he remains locked in a heated battle against Donald Trump according to many of the same polls.

As a result, it has become harder and harder for liberal media outlets like The Hill to pretend that Joe Biden is a favorite to win re-election.

There is almost no public data to suggest that he is likely to defeat DeSantis or Donald Trump.

While it remains unclear whether or not DeSantis will officially run for president at all, it’s clear that he would likely crush Joe Biden in the next election.

And even left-wing media sources are having to admit what the rest of the country has known for quite some time, which is that Joe Biden is heading into 2024 as the heavy underdog due to his intense unpopularity, failed record, and growing incompetence.

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