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Joe Biden Doesn’t Want Anyone To Know This Secret Is On Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Joe Biden Doesn’t Want Anyone To Know This Secret Is On Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Hunter Biden

New reports on Hunter Biden revealed just how far the Bidens were in bed with China.

The way he acted could have put America’s security at risk.

A bombshell exposé shows Hunter Biden’s awful behavior was worse than you knew.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

While Hunter Biden’s Burisma business dealings is the most well-known of Hunter’s overseas business ventures it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine’s new book, “Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide” lays out the evidence of how the Bidens leveraged Joe Biden’s political positions to gain wealth.

“While Joe Biden waged war on white privilege from the White House, his own family was the living embodiment of the worst of it,” writes Devine. “Joe has always made sure the Bidens lived a life of unearned privilege and entitlement under his beneficent patronage,” she continues in the book, which hits store shelves on Tuesday. “Like members of a hereditary aristocracy, the Bidens would have access to the best America can give, the most prestigious educational institutions, internships, clerkships, scholarships, directorships, and government sinecures.”

Devine stated in the book that Hunter was assigned to the role of making business deals by his family, including deals tied to China’s ‘Belt and Road’ imperialism.

Hunter Biden received $6 million from people close to Chinese President Xi Jinping, according to Devine.

The money reportedly came from an alleged partnership with the China Energy Fund Committee (CEFC). “CEFC was the capitalist arm of President Xi Jinping’s imperialist Belt and Road Initiative to export Chinese influence around the world,” writes Devine.

The fact that Hunter Biden was reportedly helping the Chinese expand their power should raise serious concerns.

China isn’t only a competitor against America’s interests. The Chinese Communist government is evil. They covered up Covid, are committing genocide, and have forced an estimated one million of their Muslim minorities into reeducation camps in Western China.

This didn’t stop Hunter from helping the Chinese government.

“Through 2015 and 2016, Hunter and his partners had been using the Biden name to open doors for CEFC around the world, in Kazakhstan, Georgia, Oman, Ukraine, Romania, and beyond,” Devine wrote.

Not only that, President Joe Biden may have received a share of the profit as well.

Hunter was at one time pursuing a $10 million deal between CEFC and a group he founded called SinoHawk, according to Devine. An email dated May 13, 2017 explained SinoHawk’s ownership:

“The equity will be distributed as follows,” wrote [James] Gilliar, listing the shares in percentages.

“20 H [Hunter]

“20 RW [Rob Walker]

“20 JG [James Gilliar] 20 TB [Tony Bobulinski] 10 Jim [Biden] 10 held by H for the big guy.”

Bobulinski came forward in 2019 and claimed “the big guy,” whose 10% interest was held by Hunter, was Joe Biden.

It’s a serious national security concern if Joe Biden was getting paid to help the Chinese government expand their influence and his connections to the Chinese government should be thoroughly investigated.

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