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Joe Biden Caught On Camera Proposing Cuts to Social Security

Joe Biden Caught On Camera Proposing Cuts to Social Security

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

America is 31 trillion dollars in debt.

Joe Biden is planning to run for re-election using the typical Democrat Party campaign of fear about entitlements.

Joe Biden caught on camera proposing cuts to social security.

As Conservative Revival reports:

The Democrats go to play every election season is claiming Republicans want to kill grandma and grandpa by cutting social security and Medicare.

In 2011 even the leftwing propagandists at Politifact called out Democrats for telling the “lie of the year” for a commercial showing a Paul Ryan look a like pushing a grandmother in a wheelchair off a cliff.

The ad attacked Ryan and Republicans wanting to end Medicare over a proposal to slow Medicare’s rate of growth for Americans under the age of 55.

Joe Biden returned to this demagoguery during the State of the Union by attacking Republicans for Florida Senator Rick Scott’s plan to have Congress vote to reauthorize all federal programs every five years.

Biden stated:

In his earlier days in the Senate – when socialists had not taken over the Democrat Party – Biden supported reforms to social security and Medicare.

America’s national debt sits at $31,000,000,000,000 and entitlement spending is the primary driver of the red ink.

In 1975 the national debt was $553 billion.

And even then, Joe Biden realized America’s fiscal trajectory was unsustainable.

In response, Joe Biden proposed legislation would sunset all federal programs including social security and Medicare every four years.

“It is not just the size of our budget that is staggering, but even more the rate at which it is increasing,” Biden declared. “We cannot long continue such growth rates in expenditures.”

“In brief, this bill limits to 4 years the length of any spending authorization for a program,” Biden continued. “Furthermore, it requires that each committee make a detailed study of the program before renewing it for another 4-year period.”

Then Senator Biden used the same language as Rick Scott in claiming that if a government program was worthy Congress would easily round up the votes to reauthorize it.

“The examination is not just of the increased cost of the program, but of the worthiness of the entire program,” said then-Sen. Biden.

In 1995 Biden went even further.

After the Republican sweep in 1994 there was a push for a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

The vote barely failed.

But after voters repudiated Bill Clinton’s tax-and-spend socialism Biden wanted to show he got the message and stood on the floor the Senate and declared four times that he would supported cutting social security. Deep down even Democrats know the national debt is out control.

The social security trust fund runs out in 2035.

Medicare will become insolvent in 2028.

Government cannot continue to pile trillions and trillion of dollars of unpaid bills on the heads of future generations.

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