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Joe Biden Made the Military Go Woke and Now Everyone Is Using One Word

Joe Biden Made the Military Go Woke and Now Everyone Is Using One Word

Joe Biden
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Joe Biden’s term in office has been a disaster for the armed forces.

Many Americans had no idea what is going on.

Now Joe Biden made the military go woke and now everyone is using one word.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

The U.S. military in 2022, under President Joe Biden, received its lowest ever rating in a new analysis from the Heritage Foundation.

The Heritage Foundation reviewed a number of different metrics and came to the conclusion that the U.S. military is “weak.” This is the first time it has ever received such a dismal score.

The assessment also found that America is facing many different threats across the world with the chief areas of concern being China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea.

The U.S. military is being degraded because of “underinvestment, poor execution of modernization programs, and the negative effects of budget sequestration (cuts in funding) on readiness and capacity in spite of repeated efforts by Congress to provide relief from low budget ceilings imposed by the Budget Control Act of 2011.”

Biden’s inflation has also created additional problems for the armed forces.

Some highlights from the assessment:

  • S. Army — “Marginal”

“The Army is aging faster than it is modernizing. It remains ‘weak’ in capacity with only 62 percent of the force it should have. However, 25 of its 31 Regular Army BCTs are at the highest state of readiness, thus earning a readiness score of ‘very strong’ and conveying the sense that the service knows what it needs to do to prepare for the next major conflict.”

  • S. Navy — “Weak”

“This worrisome score, a drop from ‘marginal’ assessed in the 2022 Index, is driven by problems in capacity (‘very weak’) and readiness (‘weak’). This Index assesses that the Navy needs a battle force of 400 manned ships to do what is expected of it today. The Navy’s current battle force fleet of 298 ships and intensified operational tempo combine to reveal a service that is much too small relative to its tasks.”

  • S. Air Force — “Very Weak”

“The Air Force has been downgraded once again, the second time in the past two years. The Air Force was assessed as ‘marginal’ in the 2021 Index but, with public reporting of the mission readiness and physical location of combat aircraft implying that it would have a difficult time responding rapidly to a crisis, fell to a score of ‘weak’ in the 2022 Index. During FY 2022, the year assessed for this Index, problems with pilot production and retention, an extraordinarily small amount of time in the cockpit for pilots, and a fleet of aircraft that continues to age compounded challenges even more, leading to the current score of ‘very weak.’”

  • S. Marine Corps — “Strong”

“The score for the Marine Corps was raised to ‘strong’ from ‘marginal’ in the 2022 Index and remains ‘strong’ in this edition for two reasons: (1) because the 2021 Index changed the threshold for capacity, lowering it from 36 infantry battalions to 30 battalions in acknowledgment of the Corps’ argument that it is a one-war force that also stands ready for a broad range of smaller crisis-response tasks, and (2) because of the Corps’ extraordinary, sustained efforts to modernize (which improves capability) and enhance its readiness during the assessed year. Of the five services, the Corps is the only one that has a compelling story for change, has a credible and practical plan for change, and is effectively implementing its plan to change.”

  • S. Nuclear Capabilities — “Strong”

“Given senior leaders’ reassurances with respect to the readiness and reliability of U.S. nuclear forces, as well as the strong bipartisan commitment to modernization of the entire nuclear enterprise, this year’s Index retains its grade of ‘strong,’ but only for now. U.S. nuclear forces face many risks that, without a continued commitment to a strong deterrent, could warrant a decline to an overall score of ‘marginal’ or ‘weak.’”

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