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You Won’t Believe How Joe Biden Insulted This Gold Star Father

You Won’t Believe How Joe Biden Insulted This Gold Star Father

Joe Biden
Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Joe Biden’s strength was supposed to be his empathy.

That turned out to be a lie.

And you won’t believe how Joe Biden insulted this Gold Star father.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Jared Schmitz was one of the 13 U.S. soldiers murdered in an ISIS-K suicide bombing.

In an interview with National Public Radio, Jared’s father Mark Schmitz spoke out against the manner in which Joe Biden conducted himself when Biden met the families of the fallen troops at the dignified transfer ceremony.

Mark Schmitz revealed that he initially did not want to meet with Biden, but felt an obligation to tell Biden his thoughts on his son’s death.

Schmitz explained that when Biden entered the room where the families were waiting, Schmitz stared a hole through Biden who did his best to ignore the glare and focus on Schmitz’s wife.

“I just stared him straight in the face. It was like a kid’s staring contest to see who was gonna blink first. He kept looking away and talking with my son’s mother and I just kept staring, and staring, and staring. And I’m sure Secret Service probably picked up on my body language and was moving in a little closer, not that I would ever do anything of course. But I just, I didn’t have a lot of good thoughts about the man and I just stood there quietly just staring. And finally my son’s mother had brought her phone out and asked him if she could show him a picture of Jared,” Schmitz began.

Schmitz said that when his wife pulled out a picture of Jared to show Biden, he demanded Biden learn the stories of the soldiers killed on Biden’s watch because of Biden’s decisions.

At that point, Schmitz stated that Biden began barking back at him in a move that Schmitz found extremely disrespectful.

“We showed it to him and he just kind of stared at it, mumbled something. I couldn’t really make out what he said. As he’s looking at this picture of my son, I just flat out said to him, ‘That’s Jared. That’s Jared Schmitz. Don’t ever forget that name and don’t forget the name of the 12 others. You need to spend some time learning their stories, who they were.’ And that’s when he kind of, [I] described it as kind of barking back. I don’t know how else to really describe it, but he says, ‘I know their stories.’ First thought was, that’s literally impossible, you know? And why are you arguing with me? And then of course he mentions his son again,” Schmitz added.

At that point Biden began to mumble something about his son, Beau Biden, who served in Iraq as a lawyer and later passed away from brain cancer.

Biden tried to pretend he was a Gold Star father like the families of the fallen troops by talking about Beau’s tragic death.

But Schmitz – as well as multiple other family members – found Biden trying to make it seem like he understood the pain of losing a child in combat when Beau Biden died from an illness in a hospital as opposed to on a battlefield offensive and tone-deaf.

Schmitz did give Biden credit for showing Schmitz the card Biden keeps listing the number of troops killed in action which contained a “+13” notation to acknowledge the deaths of the troops in Kabul.

But that one gesture did not placate the family members that criticized Biden for repeatedly checking his watch while the remains of their children passed by and offering scripted and insulting comments comparing his own son to their loss.

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