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Joe Biden Gives Insane Reason Why He Didn’t Shoot Down the Chinese Spy Balloon

Joe Biden Gives Insane Reason Why He Didn’t Shoot Down the Chinese Spy Balloon

Joe Biden
Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz via Flickr

Americans demanded answers.

Joe Biden wanted to bob and weave.

Joe Biden gave an insane reason why he didn’t shoot down the Chinese spy balloon.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

In an interview with Telemundo’s Julio Vaqueiro Biden addressed the Communist Chinese spy balloon that Biden allowed to fly across the entire United States.

Biden claimed he did not shoot the balloon down out of concern for civilian casualties when the wreckage hit the ground.

“What would happen if it came down and hit a school in a rural area?” Biden stated, “so I told as soon as they could shoot it down, shoot it down. They made a wise decision. They shot it down over water recovery.”

Vaqueiro pushed back noting that the Communist Chinese violated American airspace and sovereignty with this flight.

“Wasn’t a major security breach for the United States, just the fact that the balloon came into the airspace?” Vaqueiro wondered.

Biden then claimed a Communist Chinese spy balloon hovering over America’s nuclear arsenal and stealth bomber fleet was not a big deal.

“Now. Look, the total amount of intelligence gathering is going on by every country around the world is overwhelming. And the idea that a balloon could traverse …break American airspace, is it anyway? This is not a major breach. I mean, look, it’s totally it’s a violation of international law. It’s our airspace. And once it comes in our space, we, you know, we want it,” Biden stated.

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton attended a classified briefing about the Communist Chinese spy balloon and blasted Biden’s inaction as a display of weakness that the Chinese Communist Party will exploit.

“China sent a spy balloon to fly all across America. The Biden administration had a chance to shoot it down over Alaska and they chose to let it spy all across America,” Cotton explained.

“We all know it was a spy balloon trying to collect information across the United States. I will say that you don’t know that in advance though,” Cotton continued. “That’s why we shouldn’t let Chinese aircraft float on their merry way all across the United States.” 

Biden had a chance to shoot down the spy balloon over Alaska but passed.

And this decision looked even more ridiculous when one day after this interview the administration shot down an unidentified object over Alaska.

“I can confirm that the Department of Defense was tracking a high-altitude object over Alaska airspace in the last 24 hours out,” National Security Council spokesman John Kirby stated.

“The object was flying at an altitude of 40,000 feet and posed a reasonable threat to the safety of civilian flight. Out of an abundance of caution and the recommendation of the Pentagon, President Biden ordered the military to down the object. And they did. And it came in inside our territorial waters,” Kirby added.

By shooting down the second aircraft over Alaska Joe Biden admitted he could have shot down the Communist Chinese spy balloon.

Now Americans are wondering if Biden allowed the Communist Chinese spy balloon to complete its mission because Biden is compromised.

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