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You Won’t Believe What Joe Biden Just Revealed to America About a New World Order

You Won’t Believe What Joe Biden Just Revealed to America About a New World Order

Joe Biden
Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Joe Biden’s Presidency is bad news for many Americans.

Some are worried things are about to get worse.

And you won’t believe what Joe Biden just revealed to America about a new world order.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Biden spoke from the White House via video conference to the Munich Security Conference.

In his remarks Biden made it clear that his agenda was putting globalism first and America last.

“I’m sending a clear message to the world America is back … we are not looking backward, we are looking forward together,” Biden stated.

Biden engaged in an apology tour and groveled before European leaders and begged for forgiveness after Donald Trump spent four years pushing America’s allies to meet their promise to contribute two percent of their GDP towards NATO dues so America was not paying an unfair burden for Europe’s security.

“The last four years have been hard but Europe and the United States have to lead with competence once more,” Biden added.

Biden also whined about Trump ending America’s involvement in Obama’s disastrous Iran Nuclear and the job-killing Paris Global Warming Accords.

“I know the past few years have strained and tested our transatlantic relationship, but the United States is determined to reengage with Europe, to consult with you, to earn back our position of trusted leadership,” Biden continued.

Biden told Europe that America would work to restore the liberal world order established after World War 2 that left millions of Americans behind as free trade and open borders destroyed American industry and depressed middle class wages.

“Let me erase any lingering doubt, the United States will closely work with our European Union partners, and the capitals across the continent,” Biden added.

Biden also praised German Chancellor Angela Merkel as an “outstanding leader” that he could not wait to work with on restoring globalism as the guiding light of America’s posture towards the rest of the world.

No world leader bore more responsibility for creating the populist backlash than Angela Merkel.

Merkel’s disastrous 2015 decision to throw open Germany’s borders to one million Syrian refugees ignited the movement that eventually led to the 2016 Brexit vote for England to leave the European Union and in some ways to Donald Trump’s election in America.

Rather than seeking to address the concerns about the status quo that led to Trump’s victory Joe Biden pledged to roll back the clock to 2015 business as usual.

Many Americans saw Donald Trump’s foreign policy as the highlight of his Presidency.

President Trump started no new wars and withdrew the vast majority of troops from Afghanistan while negotiating a peace deal to totally end American involvement in the nation’s longest war by this May.

Trump also pulled America out of globalist agreements and organizations that never served the nation’s interests from the start.

Joe Biden is determined to reverse every Trump administration achievement and legacy.

And that includes foreign policy and turning back the clock to the era where America served the interests of the global elite and their liberal new world order.

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