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One Smoking Gun Proved Jeffrey Epstein’s Crazy Link to the Deep State

One Smoking Gun Proved Jeffrey Epstein’s Crazy Link to the Deep State

The Jeffrey Epstein case continues to confound investigators.

They are continually turning up new evidence that cast doubt on the official story that he committed suicide.

And one smoking gun proved Jeffrey Epstein’s crazy link to the Deep State.

As reported by American Patriot Daily:

One of the strangest aspects of Epstein’s story was how Epstein’s lawyers secured a sweetheart plea deal back in 2007.

As part of the agreement, the United States Attorney in Miami – former Trump labor secretary Alexander Acosta – agreed to a non-prosecution agreement for charges Epstein engaged in sex trafficking with underage girls.

When federal agents arrested Epstein this agreement came under scrutiny and Acosta resigned under pressure.

But that still does not answer Americans’ questions as to why Epstein escaped such serious charges with a slap on the wrist.

Investigative reporter Vicky Ward shed some light on this matter with a shocking detail about Acosta agreeing to the plea agreement with Epstein’s lawyers in a piece she published last month that only gained attention after Epstein’s death.

Ward exclusively reported at The Daily Beast that Acosta told Trump’s transition team that the Epstein plea deal posed no problems because Epstein was protected by the intelligence community:

Epstein’s name, I was told, had been raised by the Trump transition team when Alexander Acosta, the former U.S. attorney in Miami who’d infamously cut Epstein a non-prosecution plea deal back in 2007, was being interviewed for the job of labor secretary. The plea deal put a hard stop to a separate federal investigation of alleged sex crimes with minors and trafficking.

“Is the Epstein case going to cause a problem [for confirmation hearings]?” Acosta had been asked. Acosta had explained, breezily, apparently, that back in the day he’d had just one meeting on the Epstein case. He’d cut the non-prosecution deal with one of Epstein’s attorneys because he had “been told” to back off, that Epstein was above his pay grade. “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone,” he told his interviewers in the Trump transition, who evidently thought that was a sufficient answer and went ahead and hired Acosta. (The Labor Department had no comment when asked about this.)

There are many aspects of Epstein’s life that make no sense.

For instance, no one has any idea how he made his fortune.

No one understood why Epstein received such a light sentence.

But if Epstein was in fact a deep state operative the answers to those questions make sense.

Americans looked back at Acosta’s admission that Epstein was protected by the intelligence community, and how Epstein made his money and how he got off so easily in 2007 begin to make sense.

There are a host of conspiracy theories floating around this supposed suicide.

That’s why an investigation that the American people can believe in is so important to put all the questions surrounding this matter to bed.

American Patriot Daily will continue to keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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