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Jeff Sessions Spoke Out On Trump. You Won’t Believe What He Said On Fox News

Jeff Sessions Spoke Out On Trump. You Won’t Believe What He Said On Fox News

Jeff Sessions

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions is running for Senate.

But after President Trump fired Sessions Trump supporters want to know the President can count on Sessions loyalty.

Now Jeff Sessions spoke out on Donald Trump and impeachment. You won’t believe what he said on Fox News.

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a comeback attempt by running for the Republican nomination to take on Democrat Doug Jones to win back his old Senate seat.

A recent poll of the Alabama Republican Senate primary showed Jeff Sessions narrowly topping a crowded Republican field with 35 percent of the vote leading former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville by just four points.

Sessions’ biggest liability is Republican voters do not see him as sufficiently loyal to Donald Trump.

The former Attorney General appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program to show conservatives he was solidly on the President’s side.

Sessions leaned in to his opposition to impeachment to prove he was not some anti-Trump Deep State sympathizer.

“Look, what we know now is their promise that they had an overwhelming case is totally false,” Sessions told Carlson. “It’s what believed all along, and so many have said. It’s nowhere close to an impeachment charge. So now, they’re demanding a fishing expedition to be started in the Senate after they produce a charge that’s not sustainable. It’s really a total abuse of the impeachment process, an embarrassment to the House. But they won’t admit it.”

Sessions ripped Congressional Democrats for launching a taxpayer-funded coup to overthrow President Trump.

“They want to continue this paid political attack ad, paid for by the taxpayers for untold weeks,” Sessions added. “They could have fought for this evidence in the House, ask for the courts to complete a hearing as to whether or not these witnesses should be compelled or not. They send it over with no basis, unsubstantiated, not justified. Now they want the Senate to go on a fishing expedition.”

Sessions knows President Trump regularly watches Carlson’s show.

And Sessions desperately wants to keep the President neutral in the Senate primary.

That’s because in Alabama, if no candidate reaches 50 percent of the vote in the primary, the top two candidates advance to a runoff.

With six Republican hopefuls in the field the probability of one candidate crossing the 50 percent mark is slim to none.

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The President believes Sessions betrayed him by not telling him he would have to recuse himself in the Russian investigation.

Besides his own re-election, the President’s other main political goal is maintaining the GOP majority in the Senate.

Sessions’ great fear is that if another electable Republican faces him in the primary the President could wade into the race with an endorsement.

President Trump’s popularity in Alabama means just one tweet from Trump endorsing Sessions’ opponent would be enough to swing the race.

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