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Jeb Bush Stuck a Knife in Every Trump Supporter’s Back With One Ugly Betrayal

Jeb Bush Stuck a Knife in Every Trump Supporter’s Back With One Ugly Betrayal

Jeb Bush

Never Trump RINOs refuse to waive the white flag of surrender.

They continually pick their spots to undermine the President.

And Jeb Bush stuck a knife in every Trump supporter’s back with one ugly betrayal.

As reported by Great American Daily:

Jeb Bush entered the 2016 Presidential race as the avatar for the Republican establishment.

Bush was a pro-open borders liberal that would masquerade as a conservative during election season in his career.

Before Donald Trump came on the scene that was enough to get by.

But now that the grassroots conservatives that supported Trump seized control of the party, Jeb Bush and fellow D.C. swamp creatures strategized on how to steal control of the GOP back.

After the shootings in Dayton and El Paso, Bush and his pals believed they had the perfect opening.

President Trump won in 2016 because Hillary Clinton promised to ban guns while Trump campaigned on defending the Second Amendment from all new gun control schemes.

Establishment Republicans like Jeb Bush are pushing the President to support gun control under the guise of winning back suburban voters.

 “Red Flag laws and Gun Violence Restraining Orders make a lot of sense,” Bush stated.

“El Paso shooting is sick and senseless. Time to do more than pray. Time to enact common-sense legislation in Congress to empower states to deal with those who present a danger to themselves and others — while respecting robust due process.” Pro-amnesty RINO Lindsey Graham continued, “May not have mattered here, but Red Flag laws have proven to be effective in states that have them.”

But there is a darker motive that explains the truth behind why these RINO Republicans want Trump to back red flag confiscation orders – because they know it is political suicide for the President.

Supporting gun grabs will separate the President from his base without winning over any voters that supposedly support gun control.

Elections are contests of base mobilizations.

And given that President Trump won the Electoral College while losing the popular vote, Donald Trump cannot afford any defections from his base.

Second Amendment supporters make up a large chunk of Donald Trump’s base.

They also vote on that issue above all others.

All Trump needs to do to survey the consequences of passing gun control is study the results of the 1994 midterm elections.

The Democrats controlled the House of Representatives from 1948 to 1994 on the strength of the “solid south” which allowed the Democrats to control the Congressional delegations of the Southern states.

These Democrats were culturally conservative but voted Democrat out of ancestral loyalty.

That bond snapped after Bill Clinton rammed the so-called assault weapons ban into law before the 1994 midterms.

RINOs like Jeb Bush understand this history lesson.

And they are urging President Trump to adopt “sensible” gun control that will “sell in the suburbs” when their real motivation is to sever the connection between President Trump and his base to cause the President to lose re-election in 2020 so the establishment can reassert control over the party.

Great American Daily will continue to keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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