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Jack Smith’s prosecution of Donald Trump already running into problems

Jack Smith’s prosecution of Donald Trump already running into problems

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Democrats hoped Jack Smith’s indictment of Donald Trump would drive the final nail in Trump’s political coffin.

But now liberals are panicking.

And that’s because Jack Smith found out some devastating news about his plan to jail Trump.

When Jack Smith unsealed his indictment against Donald Trump, Smith made it sound like Trump was the next Julius and Ethel Rosenberg ready to hand over America’s most classified national security secrets to the enemy.

“Our laws that protect national defense information are critical to the safety and security of the United States and they must be enforced,” Smith added. “Violations of those laws put our country at risk.”

The corporate media — as well as many of Trump’s GOP rivals — echoed talking points from Smith’s script about how “serious” the charges against Trump are.

George Washington Law Professor Jonathan Turley threw a big bucket of cold water on this corporate media narrative.

Turley pointed out that Smith needed to show that Trump actually intended to harm U.S. national security or assist one of America’s enemies.

“The law references an intent either to harm the national security of the U.S. or benefit a foreign power. No one is suggesting that harm actually occurred or that Trump intended to cause such harm. However, the government is proceeding under specific provisions making mishandling (and the refusal to turn over documents) a crime. That is the harm that the government will argue,” Turley began.

Turley noted that all Smith’s indictment showed is that — at the worst — Trump kept classified documents the way someone will store their old athletic trophies and letterman jackets in their attic long after they graduate from high school.

This — Turley explained — does not fit with the language or the intent of the Espionage Act.

“The indictment may have revealed the motive that the government believes is behind the inexplicable refusal of Trump to turn over these documents: vanity. Trump is portrayed as showing the Iran attack documents like a trophy. That is not a great fit with the Espionage Act,” Turley continued.

The Espionage Act is one of the most controversial pieces of legislation in American history.

Deep State agents and government sources routinely leak and disseminate classified and national security information to their pals in the media.

At one point at the start of the Trump administration there was on average one national security leak per day appearing in the corporate press.

But because the leakers colluded with the media to try and bring down Trump, the Justice Department and the FBI showed no interest in hunting down the sources of these leaks.

That’s why Turley explained that the Espionage Act is “the last refuge of the government when it lacks any other means to punish targeted persons.”

And there has never been a more targeted individual in American political history than Donald Trump.

Which is why Smith resorted to the Espionage Act — which dating back to Woodrow Wilson, was used by Democrat presidents to jail their opponents — to try and lock up Trump on nonsense charges.

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