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Ilhan Omar attacks Tucker Carlson as ‘king of hate’

Ilhan Omar attacks Tucker Carlson as ‘king of hate’

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Ilhan Omar was thrilled to see Fox News dismiss Tucker Carlson.

Omar and Carlson are long time rivals.

And Ilhan Omar called Tucker Carlson one name that will make your blood boil.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Liberals smelled blood in the water the moment after Fox News fired Tucker Carlson.

Democrats barely celebrated before moving on to their next line of attack.

And Ilhan Omar said three words about Tucker Carlson that will send a chill down your spine.

Ilhan Omar slimed Tucker Carlson as the “king of hate” during an interview with the radical leftwing activist Medhi Hasan on Hasan’s MSNBC show.

Hasan falsely claimed Carlson was bigoted against Muslims after Omar baselessly tried to link Carlson to a Minnesota man facing criminal charges for vandalizing two Mosques.

“Of course, this Islamophobia, the racism, the bigotry doesn’t come out of nowhere,” Hasan stated. “There are people who incite it. There are people who push it and promote it. I’m thinking of a certain media network that just got rid of their top rated cable host, Tucker Carlson.”

Hasan then played a clip of Carlson blasting Omar as “loathsome” – which triggered an unhinged tirade where Omar claimed Carlson was responsible for mass shootings around the globe.

“Tucker was the king of hate and loved, you know, fear-mongering and picking on immigrants and Muslims in many cases,” Omar claimed. “This was a man who obviously trafficked the replacement theory. He was a man who was named in many of the manifestos of mass shooters that specifically targeted Muslims.”

Omar then got to the meat of the matter and revealed she feels “both relieved and terrified” of Carlson’s firing because of “where he might end up and the kind of platform he might end up having.”

Leftists like Omar and her ally Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez believe speech equals violence.

This mindset is critical to understand where the left would ultimately like to take America.

Omar whined that no one was safe as long as conservatives like Carlson are allowed to speak.

Omar told Hasan it was nearly impossible for her to “make people understand just how dangerous this man was and how many lives he risked with his hateful rhetoric on a daily basis.”

European countries are passing laws making so-called “hate speech” illegal.

Democrats would like to eventually pass those laws in America.

To Democrats, anyone to the right of the New York Times editorial page is a domestic extremist whose mere existence puts people’s lives in danger.

Equating speech with violence is how socialists like Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the rest of the authoritarian left plan to work around the First Amendment’s protection of free speech.

And the ultimate goal is the complete censorship of all conservative media and the criminalization of opposition to the Democrat Party’s agenda.

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