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Hillary Clinton Does Want This Smoking Gun Evidence Entered In Court

Hillary Clinton Does Want This Smoking Gun Evidence Entered In Court

Hillary Clinton
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Special counsel John Durham is about to go to trial in his criminal investigation into the Russian collusion hoax.

Democrats are terrified about what Durham will uncover.

And Hillary Clinton does want this smoking gun evidence entered in court.

As Great American Daily reports:

Special counsel John Durham charged Perkins Coie and Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann with lying to the FBI.

Durham alleged that in a September 16 meeting with FBI General Counsel James Baker, Sussmann lied about not working on behalf of his client the Clinton campaign while pushing the FBI to investigate a nonexistent link between a server at Trump Tower and the Alfa Bank in Russia.

Over a month later Hillary Clinton tweeted out a link about an article from the left-wing website Slate about how computer scientists supposedly discovered a link between the Trump Tower server and Alfa Bank.

Sussmann’s lawyers argued this tweet does not prove Sussmann was being intentionally deceitful when he told Baker that he was not representing the Clinton campaign.

“The Tweet, which was posted on October 31, 2016, does not reveal anything about Mr. Sussmann’s state of mind over a month earlier when he purportedly made the alleged false statement,” Sussmann’s lawyers wrote. “There is no evidence that Mr. Sussmann’s meeting with [FBI general counsel James] Baker had anything to do with the Clinton Campaign’s broader media strategy.”

Special counsel John Durham clearly disagrees.

Matt Margolis of PJ Media wrote that the Clinton campaign tweeted out this story within hours of Slate publishing it meaning that Sussmann may have alerted the campaign the piece was in the pipeline.

“’The Clinton campaign was certainly quick to release a statement on the Slate story — exactly three hours after it had been published. Did they know the story was coming? Were they behind it, and the fake evidence?’ I believed at the time that the prompt reaction to the story suggests that the Clinton campaign knew the story was coming, and they likely knew because Sussmann, who gave the FBI the bogus tip, must have leaked the story to Slate and informed the Clinton campaign, his client, that the story was coming,” Margolis wrote.

Durham’s court filings also suggested that data that Sussmann presented to the FBI about the server at Trump Tower communicating with Alfa Bank or Donald Trump and his associates carried Russian-made phones near the White House was “user-generated” and that the FBI and CIA rejected it as not plausible.

The corporate media is doing their best to ignore the Sussmann trial.

But this trial will provide the clearest window in the origins of the Russian collusion hoax and the coup against Donald Trump.

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