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Hillary Clinton is looking at a criminal investigation that poses one giant threat

Hillary Clinton is looking at a criminal investigation that poses one giant threat

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This is the moment Donald Trump was waiting for.

The biggest crime in the 2016 election is finally receiving the attention it deserves.

Hillary Clinton is looking at a criminal investigation that poses one giant threat.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Hillary Clinton got some bad news.

Donald Trump and his supporters are grinning from ear to ear.

Hillary Clinton has more to fear from this criminal investigation than anyone knew.

The Clinton’s campaign’s attempt to frame Donald Trump as a Russian agent are coming into focus.

This should make Hillary Clinton nervous.

Former United States Attorney John Durham indicted Democrat Party lawyer Michael Sussmann for lying to the FBI in a 2016 interview.

Sussmann met with FBI lawyer James Baker in September 2016 and peddled the bogus story about a supposedly suspicious internet connection between a server in Trump Tower and the Kremlin connected Alfa bank.

This was supposed to be “evidence” of Russian collusion.

Sussmann told Baker he was not working on behalf of any campaign even though his firm – Perkins Coie – represented Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign.

Durham alleged Sussmann lied because Sussmann billed the time for the meeting with Baker to the Clinton campaign and because Sussmann said in a 2017 Congressional deposition he met with Baker on behalf of a campaign.

But the interesting details came in the 27 page indictment, which former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy noted was very long and detailed for one charge of lying to the FBI.

Instead, McCarthy wrote that Durham laid the ground to accuse the Clinton campaign of fabricating the entire Russian collusion narrative in hopes of getting the FBI to launch an investigation that the Clinton campaign could then use against Trump during the election.

“The Trump–Russia collusion narrative was essentially a fabrication of the Clinton campaign that was peddled to the FBI (among other government agencies) and to the media by agents of the Clinton campaign — particularly, its lawyers at Perkins Coie — who concealed the fact that they were quite intentionally working on the campaign’s behalf, and that they did not actually believe there was much, if anything, to the collusion narrative. It was serviceable as political dirt but would not amount to anything real for criminal or national-security purposes,” McCarthy wrote.

Durham’s indictment alleges that Sussman was also working on behalf of a client -“Tech Executive-1” – who expected to get a government contract once Clinton won the election.

Tech Executive -1’s company translates web domains to IP addresses and as part of this business the company gets access to government information about web traffic that is not available to the public.

Tech Executive 1’s company was the firm that concocted the Trump Tower-Alfa bank connection story so essential a private company exploited access to secret government data to fabricate a political narrative to help the Clinton campaign.

McCarthy notes that the researchers at Tech Executive 1’s company knew the Trump Tower- Alfa bank connection was a bunch of BS, but they went along with the fabrication because their boss was powerful and politically well connected.

In the Sussman indictment Durham notes that even Tech Executive-1 knew the Trump Tower-Alfa bank story was a bunch of nonsense, but that it would be politically useful so they proceeded.

“The indictment details that researchers at Tech Executive-1’s companies were very uncomfortable being tasked to run extensive queries about Trump and his campaign in their databases, but they did it because Tech Executive-1 was a powerful person. The researchers also highlighted significant weaknesses in the Trump–Russia narrative that they were being asked to weave, to the point that even Tech Executive-1 acknowledged it was a “red herring.” But because the objective was to craft a political theme that would damage Trump, rather than to prove an actual national-security peril, this information was kept from the government,” McCarthy added.

And this indictment is leading many to wonder what Hillary Clinton’s role in this entire affair was.

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