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A Fox News Host Was Caught On Camera Saying This About Trump

A Fox News Host Was Caught On Camera Saying This About Trump

Donald Trump

Fox News has upset many viewers with their recent events.

They began to shift their coverage on Trump after the first debate.

And then a Fox News host was caught saying this about Trump when they thought no one would hear.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Conservative lawyer Cleta Mitchell appeared on Fox News to discuss Donald Trump’s legal challenges to the results in closely contested states like Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada.

At one point Mitchell correctly stated that media outlets like Fox News and CNN did not get to declare who won the Presidential Election.

The winner is determined when states certify their results and Mitchell argued that President Trump had every right to pursue his legal options to make sure the vote was fair and free from fraud.

Host Sandra Smith did not realize she was still on camera when she gasped “what?”

Ever since election night where Fox outrageously called Arizona for Joe Biden with just 73 percent of the vote in, Fox News has shifted their “news” programming to be aggressively anti-Trump.

Fox News and host Neil Cavuto also censored Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany during a press conference where McEnany outlined the President’s charges of voter fraud.

The Drudge Report used to be the most popular website in all of the media.

But after Drudge turned on President Trump and cast his lot with the resistance, traffic to his site tanked by 45 percent.

Fox News also risks losing their audience by turning into CNN where the President and his supporters are routinely censored.

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