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Fox News Crushed Jen Psaki By Forcing Her to Confront This Reality Democrats Pretend Doesn’t Exist

Fox News Crushed Jen Psaki By Forcing Her to Confront This Reality Democrats Pretend Doesn’t Exist

Jen Psaki
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Few media outlets report critically on the Biden administration or the Democrat Party.

Fox News is one of them.

And Fox News crushed Jen Psaki by forcing her to confront this reality Democrats pretend doesn’t exist.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

During a recent White House press briefing, Jen Psaki test drove the new administration talking point that it was Republicans that supported defunding the police by voting against Joe Biden’s “stimulus” bill.

Republicans slammed the legislation as a blue state bailout because it included 350 million dollars in funding for state and local governments.

Blue states like New York, New Jersey, and California begged the federal government to make up the projected budget shortfalls their governors faced because of coronavirus lockdowns decimating state tax receipts.

Republicans argued federal taxpayers should not fund blue state lockdowns.

Now administration officials claim Republicans tried to defund the police by voting against this pool of money for state and local government.

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy pressed Psaki on this claim demanding to know why Biden never made this argument about the bailout money supporting police when Biden sold the bill.

“Something one of the advisers said this weekend, Cedric Richmond, he said Republicans defunded the police by not supporting the American Rescue Plan,” Doocy stated. “But how is it that that is an argument to be made when the president never mentioned needing money for police to stop a crime wave when he was selling the American Rescue Plan?”

Psaki tried to claim a bill sold as local funding could be retconned into legislation to keep cops on the beat to combat the crime wave sweeping Democrat-run cities.

“Well, the president did mention that the American Rescue Plan, the state and local funding, something that was supported by the president, a lot of Democrats who supported and voted for the bill, could help ensure local cops were kept on the beat in communities across the country. As you know, [it] didn’t receive a single Republican vote. That funding has been used to keep cops on the beat,” Psaki responded.

Psaki was not the only administration official to roll out this attack line.

White House Senior Counselor Cedric Richmond also tried to claim Republicans voting against a coronavirus relief bill—which only contained nine percent funding for coronavirus relief—amounted to defunding the police because of opposition to giving Democrat mayors and governors a blank check.

“Let’s talk about who defunded the police. When we were in Congress last year trying to pass a rescue plan — I’m sorry, not the rescue plan but an emergency relief plan for cities that were cash-strapped and laying off police and firefighters — it was the Republicans who objected to it. And in fact, they didn’t get funding until the American Rescue Plan, which our plan allowed state and local governments to replenish their police departments and do the other things that are needed,” Richmond stated.

The “defund the police” attacks from Republicans in the 2020 election were effective.

Republicans won a clean sweep of every toss-up race in the House of Representatives when election forecasters predicted the GOP would lose 15 to 20 seats.

Democrats attributed this in large part to how badly they misread the electorate following the Black Lives Matter riots in the summer of 2020.

The administration is working to come up with a counterattack.

And Jen Psaki floated the first trial balloon.

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