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Family sues to regain possession of a video that could show who killed JFK

Family sues to regain possession of a video that could show who killed JFK

Photo by World’s Direction via CC0 1.0 on Flickr

One of the biggest mysteries in American history is the death of President Kennedy.

The government may be sitting on the answer.

And this hidden video could reveal who killed JFK.

A 2013 Gallup poll found that 61 percent of Americans believe that President Kennedy died as a result of a conspiracy.

Few believe the official story that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone on November 22, 1963.

The most common theory for a second gunman is that an assassin delivered the kill shot to President Kennedy from the grassy knoll.

And there could be photographic evidence proving the second gunman theory.

The 1991 film “JFK” popularized the Zapruder film, video taken by Abraham Zapruder of the gunshots killing President Kennedy.

But few know about the home movie taken by Orville Nix which focused on the grassy knoll.

The film is now the subject of a lawsuit as Nix’s heirs fought to reclaim the footage from the National Archives which the government clings to despite a contract between Nix and the UPI press agency which outlines that the rights to film returned to the Nix family in 1988.

The New York Post reports:

In 1963, the UPI press agency paid Nix $5,000 – about $50,000 today – for a 25-year license. Nix handed over his reel, which UPI promised to return in 1988.

When Nix died in 1972, the rights passed to his wife and son. They were never notified when the House Special Committee on Assassinations subpoenaed the original film from UPI in 1978.

The lawsuit details the government’s startlingly sloppy handling of the priceless piece of American history from that point on, chronicling patchy documentation and lax security.

It also alleges that officials at the National Archives and Records Administration have repeatedly lied to the family, claiming never to have had the “out-of-camera original” film in their possession.

The Biden administration could order the Archives to return the film to its rightful owner but Joe Biden has so far not done so.

The 1978 House Select Committee on Assassinations used the film as evidence to conclude that multiple gunmen killed President Kennedy as the result of a conspiracy.

Nix family members believe that modern-day photo-enhancing technology would allow experts to perform the first clear examination of the Nix film of the grassy knoll and determine if that was the location where a second gunman fired on President Kennedy.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is on record as saying the CIA played a part in the death of his uncle.

Is the government hiding the evidence that would prove this is the case?

The Nix film could contain the answers.

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