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Dr. Fauci’s Job Is On The Line After Trump Was Presented With This Ultimatum

Dr. Fauci’s Job Is On The Line After Trump Was Presented With This Ultimatum

Donald Trump

Pressure continues on Dr. Anthony Fauci over his recommendation to shut down the economy.

Some Republicans are demanding Donald Trump take action.

And now Dr. Fauci’s job is on the line after Trump was presented with this ultimatum.

Dr. Fauci is only one of the leading advocates for social distancing.

Some believe this strategy slowed the spread of the virus, but everyone acknowledges that Dr. Fauci’s recommendation to shut down the nation’s  economy directly led to 16 million Americans losing their jobs.

Other governors seized on the “experts” recommendation to impose draconian power-grabs to steal citizens liberty or persecute Christians.

Kentucky Democrat Governor Andy Beshear ordered police to photograph the license plates of anyone attending Easter services and descend upon their house and impose a mandatory two week quarantine.

In Michigan, radical leftists Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer – who made outrageous demands for ventilators she never needed just to try and make President Trump look bad – banned residents from going to a neighbor’s house or even traveling to cottages they own.

Governor Whitmer also made it a crime to buy car seats for newborn infants or to purchase seeds to plant in resident’s gardens.

The combination of the models being wrong and fascist decisions by Democrat Governors led many Americans to question the wisdom of Dr. Fauci’s advice.

But some went even further.

Texas Congressman Ron Paul declared on his TV show that Dr. Fauci was a fraud and that President Trump should fire Dr. Fauci before the American people essentially fired him by rebelling against the tyrannical lockdown orders governments across the country imposed based on his recommendations.

“He should be fired, but if you don’t do it in the literal sense, the people have to fire him,” former Congressman Paul explained. “They have to fire him by saying ‘he’s a fraud.’”

Dr. Paul – who served as an Air Force flight surgeon  – also explained how fragile Americans liberties really are.

This pandemic exposed how government could confine people to their homes, ban Church and other travel and then “restore” normal life at some unknown later date.

“The plan that they have is when things are getting back to normal, people can return to their work, and they do things, and go to the golf course if they get a stamp of approval,” Paul added. “Your liberties are there if you get a proper stamp from the government.

There is no doubt the coronavirus is a serious threat.

In certain hotspots like New York and New Jersey it raged out of control.

But many Americans are wondering that since the pandemic left the vast majority of the country untouched in terms of major outbreaks why Dr. Fauci insisted on turning off the economy and having state governors impose police states on their citizens.

“It’s an excuse to have total control over the people,” Paul continued.

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