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Dr. Fauci Just Got Called Out By Rush Limbaugh And You Won’t Believe Why

Dr. Fauci Just Got Called Out By Rush Limbaugh And You Won’t Believe Why

Dr. Fauci’s shutdown strategy is coming under fire.

Some in Washington wonder if his job is on the line.

Now Dr. Fauci just got called out by Rush Limbaugh and you won’t believe why.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Dr. Fauci guided the federal government to recommend shutting down the economy with social distancing guidelines.

26 million Americans lost their jobs because of Dr. Fauci’s preferred policy.

But as the lockdown drags on, Americans like Rush Limbaugh are asking one question: Is the goal of this policy to prevent deaths or to prevent people from getting sick?

Rush Limbaugh took a call during a recent broadcast that laid bare the dangers of the unending lockdowns.

The caller said if the goal was to prevent death, you would quarantine the vulnerable populations – Americans over 65 and those with pre-existing medical conditions.

But if you just want to stop people from getting sick, you would do what Dr. Fauci recommends and lock everyone in their houses.

Limbaugh addressed this point by noting the so-called “career professionals” in government spent years lying to the public about everything.

The conservative talk show host also noted that Dr. Fauci’s goal of preventing infections can never be accomplished until a vaccine is available – and that won’t be for at least a year – so at what point will Dr. Fauci think it’s OK for Americans to go back to work?

We know where a specific political entity wants to take us. This was my point yesterday. They have told us for four years what they’ve been — three years. They have lied through their teeth about any number of things in an effort to reverse the election results of 2016. And then, failing that, they’ve tried to get rid of Trump every which way, and this is just them hoping that this virus will do what Robert Mueller and Adam Schiff failed to do.

This is why it makes no sense to believe anything these people are saying after four years or three years of evidence that they have lied through their teeth about everything they’ve told us. They didn’t just all of a sudden wake up and start telling us the truth just because this is a serious virus. And the reason I wanted your question, are they trying to stop people from dying or getting sick?

Because it clearly appears, if you listen to Fauci, if you listen to any of these medical people, you’re right, it seems like their objective is to shield people from getting the virus so that they do not get sick. There’s no amount of sequestering, there’s no amount of sheltering in place that is gonna accomplish that. What, do you pick a date, August 1st, okay, beaten the virus? No. Not until something’s done about the virus, not in terms of a vaccine or what have you.

The current shutdown strategy is unsustainable and will lead to economic ruin.

But as Rush Limbaugh points out, Dr. Fauci is driving a strategy that is completely divorced from the reality of everyday Americans and the very idea of national survival.

American Patriot Daily will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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