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Dr. Fauci Had Some Bad News That No American Wants To Hear

Dr. Fauci Had Some Bad News That No American Wants To Hear

Dr. Anthony Fauci

President Trump told pandemic fatigued Americans that the nation is rounding the turn on the pandemic.

But the Deep State is trying to undermine him.

And Dr. Fauci had some bad news that no American wants to hear.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

More young people are currently dying due to the lockdowns than from the coronavirus because deaths of despair have dramatically risen.

When the lockdowns went into effect, the message was “flatten the curve” because if hospital systems get overwhelmed, patients unnecessarily die.

However, that’s not what Democrats are looking for anymore; instead of trying to make sure that not too many people get coronavirus at one time, Democrats are pushing to keep people trapped within their houses indefinitely.

The fact that in America there were higher rates of infection, especially in younger demographics, during the summer than Europe is actually an advantage and will help keep America’s systems from getting overwhelmed during the flu season.

Lockdowns, masks and social distancing only slow the spread, there’s no way to stop a virus that’s as easy to spread as a common cold and for the majority of people become sick like with a cold.

Before, Americans were told that we just had to wait for a vaccine, but yet again the goals are being shifted.

And Dr. Anthony Fauci suggested that a vaccine won’t be enough.

“It’s not going to be the way it was with polio and measles, where you get a vaccine, case closed, it’s done,” Fauci said. “It’s going to be public-health measures that linger for months and months.”

“You’re not going to have a profound degree of herd immunity for a considerable period of time, maybe toward the end of 2021, into 2022,” Fauci continued. “I feel very strongly that we’re going to need to have some degree of public-health measures to continue. Maybe not as stringent as they are right now.”

Fauci was unwilling to say if he thought any of the upcoming vaccines seem promising.

“John, I sneeze and the stock market moves,” Fauci said. “I’m not going to tell you anything. I don’t even know. It would be foolish to predict what is going to be better. The proof is in the pudding.”

President Trump said recently that Fauci’s “pitching arm is far more accurate than his prognostications.”

Earlier in the year, Fauci predicted that millions of Americans would die of the coronavirus and stated that there was no reason to be walking around with a mask.

Dr. Fauci’s argument that we have to use masks and social distancing measures to slow down the spread of the virus until we reach herd immunity doesn’t even make logical sense.

It seems that he’s just trying to help Joe Biden win the election by preaching doom and gloom.

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