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Donald Trump blasts Joe Biden for escalating the war in Ukraine

Donald Trump blasts Joe Biden for escalating the war in Ukraine

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Many Americans believe Joe Biden is the worst president in history.

The nation faces crisis in foreign and domestic policy.

And now Joe Biden used the ‘n word’ and Donald had this epic response.

As Great American Daily reports:

Donald Trump is sharpening his lines of attack against Joe Biden for the 2024 election.

But no one could believe Trump went there.

Donald Trump blasted Joe Biden for this use of the “N-word.”

One of the big dividing lines between Donald Trump and Joe Biden — as well as the rest of Trump’s GOP opponents — is over the war against Russia in Ukraine.

Trump correctly pointed out that he was the only president in the 21st century on whose watch Vladimir Putin never launched an invasion to try and seize territory.

But now that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is over one year old Trump is calling for an end to Joe Biden’s blank check for this reckless war that even Joe Biden admits could result in nuclear annihilation for the human race.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson Trump explained that “nuclear” weapons are one of the two “N-words” that no one should ever speak in public.

Trump lambasted Biden for casually admitting last year that the world was the closest it’s been to a nuclear Armageddon in 60 years and for claiming climate change is a bigger threat to the planet than nuclear war.

“I call it the ‘N-word.’ You have two ‘N-words.’ You don’t mention either one of them,” Trump said in the interview. “The nuclear word you don’t mention because the power is so destructive. I met with professors at MIT and I was preparing for a debate. I wouldn’t say it was a long preparation, but I did want to talk about nuclear because I consider it to be the single greatest threat the world has, far greater than global warming… not even a contest.”

The American government understands that Putin has a red line in Ukraine which is Crimea.

If the Ukrainian army tries to retake Crimea, Putin will go nuclear.

At that point Joe Biden promised a U.S. military response which will drag America into a direct shooting war with Russia which will result in an exchange of nuclear weapons that will end all life on Earth.

Leaked Pentagon documents show the U.S. government believes Putin is not bluffing when he said he will deploy nuclear weapons if pushed but that Biden keeps arming the Ukrainians even though President Zelensky is planning attacks inside Russia.

The leaks also confirmed what Trump told Carlson which is that Ukraine is really losing this war.

“When we talk about war and when I watch all of the people talking about Ukraine and how’s Ukraine doing blah blah blah, Russia is sitting back,” Trump added. “First of all, Ukraine is being obliterated, but let’s not even talk nuclear. Let’s say it wasn’t, let’s say they were doing better than anticipated. If he decided to use his second form of destruction, which is nuclear, that’s the end of that.”

From sanctions driving Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other nations into the embrace of Communist China to the threat of a nuclear holocaust, Joe Biden’s war against Russia in Ukraine is one of the all-time biggest foreign policy blunders in American history.

And Donald Trump plans to make this a top campaign issue next year.

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