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Donald Trump Made One Announcement That Has Fox News Nervous

Donald Trump Made One Announcement That Has Fox News Nervous

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been feuding with Fox News ever since Fox news began to take on an anti-Trump bias.

Many viewers stopped watching the channel.

And now Donald Trump made one announcement that has Fox News nervous.

As Great American Daily reports:

While the final outcome of the 2020 election will not be formally decided until December when the Electoral College chooses the next President, Donald Trump is already working to enact revenge against Fox News for their last-minute decision to favor Joe Biden in the waning days of the campaign.

And now, Trump is formulating a plan to get back at the network.

Axios reports, “President Trump has told friends he wants to start a digital media company to clobber Fox News and undermine the conservative-friendly network. Some Trump advisers think Fox News made a mistake with an early call of Biden’s win in Arizona. That enraged Trump, and gave him something tangible to use in his attacks on the network.”

While the final outcome in Arizona, and other states, is still up in the air, that hasn’t stopped Trump from railing against Fox for being biased in favor of Biden.

One source even told Axios that the President “plans to wreck Fox. No doubt about it.”

And should he ultimately lose the 2020 election, Trump will have not just ample time, but the financial resources to attack the network as well.

Starting a digital media channel streamed online wouldn’t take long to set up, and with Trump’s extensive email and phone list from his Presidential campaign at the ready, the President could swiftly amass an audience large enough to potentially overtake Fox in the coming years.

While it’s not clear whether Trump will go ahead with the plan, there is certainly evidence to suggest that he’s already begun laying the groundwork for such a move.

“Trump has increasingly complained that Fox News interviews more Democrats than it used to. He has needled the network by promoting other conservative outlets, including One America News and Newsmax,” Axios reports.

Trump himself has also spent numerous occasions attacking the network for their coverage of his tenure in office and his campaign.

“Fox has changed a lot,” Trump said during an Election Day interview with “Fox & Friends.” Trump elaborated, “Somebody said: What’s the biggest difference between this and four years ago? And I say Fox.”

The riff between Trump and Fox has been longstanding, going all the way back to his first announcement that he was running for President back during the summer of 2015.

Since then, the feud between the two has only grown more intense.

And Fox’s latest act of calling states for Biden before the winner could be clearly determined seems to have been the final straw.

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