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Democrats FLIPS: Joe Biden In Panic Mode

Democrats FLIPS: Joe Biden In Panic Mode

Joe Manchin
Photo by Third Way Think Tank on Flickr

Joe Biden is in the middle of the biggest political battle of his life.

But rather than getting support from his party, Biden is having to fight a two-front war.

And now, one top Democrat just backstabbed Biden like never before.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Joe Biden has found himself embroiled in a massive political battle over the immigration crisis he has created over the last two years.

With over 2.5 million illegal immigrants having entered the country in 2022 alone, Biden is facing more and more criticism over his botched handling of the southern border with each passing day.

And now, several states are suing Joe Biden for failing to do his job and protect their borders from a wave of illegal immigrants that they cannot handle without Federal aid in securing the border.

But rather than do the right thing and work with states like Texas or Arizona to secure the border, Joe Biden is instead working to fight them in court as he tries to repeal Title 42, a measure which has been used to remove illegal immigrants from America.

Biden expected the entire Democratic Party to have his back in this legal battle.

But he’s now experiencing a wave of defections as even some Democrats finally begin to realize that the crisis has gotten too far.

And after ex-Democrat Kyrsten Sinema and liberal Republican Pat Toomey introduced a fake “compromise” bill to grant amnesty to over 2 million illegal immigrants in exchange for token border protections, it was Democrat Joe Manchin who sabotaged Joe Biden’s dream of getting an amnesty bill passed through Congress before Republicans take control of the House of Representatives in January.

“Not going to happen. It’s not even on the table,” Manchin said. “Unless you’re talking seriously about securing the border, you’re not going to have serious talks about immigration reform. We have stop the insanity that is going on at the border. This is wrong.”

In just a few words, Manchin not only sank the Sinema-Toomey bill, but also sank Joe Biden’s efforts to continue to push for an open borders policy without any sort of backlash.

Already, Biden is under sustained and growing fire for his creation of an immigration crisis unlike anything seen before in the history of America.

And he needed a win on the Left in order to justify the disaster he has helped to create.

Now that it is clear that he won’t even have the support of all the Democrats in his own party, Biden’s plans to cram an amnesty bill through Congress appear to have been completely derailed for at least the next two years.

And now, Biden has to continue to fight the legal battle over Title 42 largely alone, as it appears the Supreme Court is on the verge of handing down a ruling in the case which could end up helping to fix the mess Biden himself has created. The only question now is whether or not Biden himself will reverse course from the catastrophe he continues to impose on the rest of the country.

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