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Democrats Deployed the Military For One Mission Targeting Trump Supporters

Democrats Deployed the Military For One Mission Targeting Trump Supporters


Trump supporters feel under siege from every institution in America.

But they were not prepared for what they saw coming out of Washington.

And Joe Biden deployed the military for one mission targeting Trump supporters.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Washington D.C. Democrat Muriel Bowser protested loudly about President Trump deploying the National Guard this spring to shut down the deadly Black Lives Matter insurrection.

But after the Capitol Police and Bowser administration did not adequately secure the Capitol before the horrific riot by some Trump supporters that disrupted the certification of the Electoral College results, the Democrats changed their tune.

Now the nation’s capital resembles a militarized encampment as 25,000 armed National Guardsmen patrol the Capitol to provide security ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration.

“The Defense Department has agreed to provide up to 25,000 service members to support the Presidential Inauguration National Special Security Event federal law enforcement mission and security preparations, as led by the U.S. Secret Service,” the National Guard announced.

Security for the president and the capital is necessary and all Americans applaud the Guardsmen serving the nation in this capacity.

No one wants to see a repeat of the horrific riot that claimed the lives of five people which sadly included two heroic Capitol Police officers who gave their lives to defend members of Congress from the rioters.

Chief of the National Guard Bureau Army General Daniel Hokanson described the scope of the deployment.

“Our National Guard soldiers and airmen are set around the city to protect our nation’s Capital. At the same time we have thousands around the country supporting COVID operations, Operation Warp Speed, and a multitude of soldiers and airmen are deployed overseas supporting combat operations,” General Hokanson declared.

“I would especially like to thank the families who are maybe alone tonight, and let you know our nation greatly appreciates all your sacrifices, and those of your service member. I cannot be prouder to be part of this organization,” General Hokanson added.

But what worries many Americans is the mission creep.

Mayor Bowser said armed soldiers policing the Capitol would be a fact of life under Joe Biden.

“We are going to go back to a new normal,” Bowser stated.

“I think our entire country is going to have to deal with how our intelligence apparatus, security apparatus at every level deal with a very real and present threat to our nation,” Bowser continued.

Bowser protested using the Guard to secure the Capitol when her ideological allies rioted last summer.

Some Black Lives Matter rioters almost breached the wall surrounding the White House.

Now that Joe Biden will be serving as President, Mayor Bowser is shifting her stance.

Conservatives worry that the incoming Biden administration will use the riot at the Capitol as a pretext to use the military against citizens by preventing any protests by Trump supporters.

Instead of providing security, the new mission will be to suppress opposition to the Biden administration.

Trump supporters are not worried about the heroes that serve in the military.

However, the upper levels of the Pentagon have shown to be taken over by left-wing social justice warriors.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley repeatedly undermined President Trump with his public comments and even had a meeting with Nancy Pelosi where Pelosi asked how to usurp President Trump’s authority with the nuclear codes.

President Biden could exploit his allies at the top of the Pentagon to deploy the unwitting military in the streets of the capital to squash any dissent to his policies.

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