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A Top Democrat Senator Has A Scandal From Her Past That You Won’t Believe

A Top Democrat Senator Has A Scandal From Her Past That You Won’t Believe

Democrat Senator Dianne Feinnstein

Since winning back control of the House of Representatives Democrats have launched a nonstop campaign of Presidential harassment.

But the real corruption is within their own ranks.

And a top Democrat Senator has a scandal from her past that you won’t believe.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

China is not a threat that can be laughed away.

They are looking to become the dominant global superpower and they aren’t a good or friendly government.

They are carrying out an ethnic genocide against the Uighur ethnic minority.

Over a million are imprisoned in re-education camps, and reports were made to the UN that claim China is selling the organs of their prisoners for organ transplants.

Uighur women are forced to have abortions and the birth rate has dropped close to zero.

The Chinese Communist government is also using their prison camps for slave labor and is persecuting Christians and Muslims, throwing them into jail.

But according to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat from California, China is growing into a “respectable nation.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called Feinstein out for her remarks on Fox News while being interviewed by Maria Bartiromo.

“Why do some in Congress not say the same thing that you have been saying, that this administration has been communicating?” Bartiromo asked. “There doesn’t seem to be an all-out agreement within the Congress on this.”

“Maria, I saw the statement from Senator Feinstein. I found it perplexing,” Pompeo responded. “I saw statements from senior American CEOs of the big tech companies this week saying they hadn’t heard or seen about intellectual property theft in the United States. That’s — that’s crazy talk.”

The CEOs of Apple, Google, and Amazon went before the House Judiciary Committee last week and said they had no experience with China stealing intellectual property. Only Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted that China stealing intellectual property was clearly documented.

“I mean, I was particularly struck by Dianne Feinstein, because didn’t she have a driver for 20 years that we ended up finding out was a Chinese spy?” Bartiromo later asked.

“You will recall, she meets with some frequency with Foreign Minister Zarif there too,” Pompeo replied. “There’s something not quite right.”

“I mean, and this is not consistent — this is not consistent with America’s national security,” Pompeo continued. “In either case, these are adversaries that intend harm for the citizens of her state of California. And I wish that she would not engage in this kind of rhetoric and these kind of meetings that undermine America’s efforts.”

China is not a respectable nation, far from it, they are one of the least respectable nations in the world.

A senator from America shouldn’t go around praising a country whose government is committing such terrible crimes against their own people.

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