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Some Bad News About A Criminal Investigation Has Joe Biden Pacing the Floor

Some Bad News About A Criminal Investigation Has Joe Biden Pacing the Floor

Joe Biden

Joe Biden couldn’t keep these allegations of corruption secret forever.

Now they are exploding at the worst possible time.

And some bad news about a criminal investigation has Joe Biden pacing the floor.

As Great American Daily reports:

On Fox Business Channel, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told host Lou Dobbs that even if Joe Biden won the Presidency, he may not even be legally allowed to serve in office because of the alleged FBI criminal investigation into Hunter Biden and his business associates.

“The interesting part here is, Joe Biden, for those who know and those who are sitting out asking, they know he cannot sustain that job as a president,” McCarthy said. “So, if Joe Biden cannot sustain it, one, for the activity we’re finding out now with Hunter Biden and himself — so we don’t know if legally he could stay in the office. You don’t know from his capacity if he has to put a lid on it, almost every other day, from a physical point of view to do the job. But Kamala Harris taking the job of presidency?”

Biden family whistleblower Tony Bobulinski told Sinclair’s James Rosen that the FBI interviewed him for five hours on October 23 as part of an active and ongoing FBI investigation into Hunter Biden and his cronies for alleged money laundering and that Bobulinski would be brought back for a second interview.

“Separately, Tony Bobulinski, the former business partner of Hunter Biden, who cites emails, documents, and other evidence to allege that former Vice President Biden was more deeply involved in his son’s business dealings in China than other man has acknowledged, told Sinclair he was interviewed by the FBI in Washington on October 23rd with counsel present for about five hours, with up to six agents in the room at one time. He said the agents carefully examined the digital evidence captured on the three cell phones Bobulinski made available and told him he will be brought back for additional questioning,” Rosen reported.

Rosen also reported that the FBI interviewed Bobulinski about the deal with a Communist Chinese government-aligned energy company as well as Hunter Biden’s involvement with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

In both cases, emails from Hunter Biden allegedly provided evidence that Hunter Biden sold access to Joe Biden when Joe Biden served as Vice President.

It’s one of the greatest and most blatant examples of corruption anyone has ever seen.

Bobulinski told Tucker Carlson that Joe Biden is compromised by the Communist Chinese because of his alleged involvement in Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

The Communist Chinese are America’s number one global adversary.

And that made Joe Biden potentially serving as President a national security threat to the United States of America.

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