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A Compromising Picture of Joe Biden Led to This Massive Humiliation

A Compromising Picture of Joe Biden Led to This Massive Humiliation

Joe Biden
Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Joe Biden is turning into a national laughing stock.

It’s all his own fault.

A compromising picture of Joe Biden led to this massive humiliation.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

During the 2020 campaign Joe Biden promised to “shut down the virus.”

On Joe Biden’s watch America set a world record with 484,377 daily coronavirus cases despite the fact that there are three vaccines.

Biden pitched the vaccines as the path back to normalcy and joined Dr. Fauci and the incompetent Centers for Disease Control Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky in falsely claiming that the vaccine could prevent infection.

While America recorded the highest number of coronavirus cases in history, Biden fled Washington to go hide in Delaware.

But that turned into a national embarrassment.

Reporters photographed Biden and his wife – who is a fake doctor – on the beach walking their dog both wearing masks.

Both Biden and his wife took two shots of the vaccine and received a booster.

There is no science that says the virus spreads in outdoor areas like public beaches – especially beaches in December where just two people are present.

And yet Biden and his wife still wore masks.

This photograph summed up the growing backlash to Biden’s permanent COVID police state of mask and vaccine mandates.

Americans realize Biden’s COVID fascism is nothing but theater.

The true purpose of ordering Americans to wear masks and submit to an ever-growing number of COVID vaccine shots is so Biden and the public health dictators can exercise control over Americans’ lives and punish those that oppose them.

Joe and Jill Biden walking around outside in masks made a mockery of Biden and his claim to “follow the science” since there is no science that would call for masks in that situation.

Biden also was seen wearing a regular mask that even COVID fanatics like former Planned Parenthood Director Dr. Leana Wen referred to as a decoration that did nothing to stop the spread of the virus.

Critics mocked the Bidens for this absurd photo op.

“Look at this moron. Walking a deserted beach, with his wife, and wearing a mask. The theater never ends with the Left,” 2020 Trump campaign aide Steve Cortes wrote on social media.

Biden’s central campaign promise to the American people was to bring the pandemic under control.

That was a lie and Biden failed miserably on delivering.

And Biden’s poll numbers tanked because the public realized Biden failed to deliver on his core message of restoring normal life to America.

So if Joe Biden steps aside in 2024, this photo of fully vaccinated Joe Biden outside wearing a mask will symbolize the failure that led Biden to the first president since LBJ to refuse to seek re-election.

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