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CNN Announced the Network Was Shutting Down With One Surprise Announcement

CNN Announced the Network Was Shutting Down With One Surprise Announcement


CNN spent four years feuding with Donald Trump.

Now CNN is paying the price for Trump labeling them fake news.

And CNN announced the network was shutting down with one surprise.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Even for a mainstream media outlet, CNN is biased in the extreme.

CNN anchor Don Lemon accused all Trump voters of being willing to ally themselves with the worst of racists during an exchange with fellow network anchor Chris Cuomo.

“Now what you hear is, ‘Well, you can’t say that everybody who voted for Trump is like the people who went into the Capitol.’ Response?” Cuomo asked.

“If you are on that side, you need to think about the side you are on. I am never on the side of the Klan. Principled people, conservative or liberal, never on the Klan’s side. Principled people, conservative or liberal, never on the Nazi’s side,” Lemon responded, claiming 74 million Americans who voted to re-elect Trump were in league with white supremacists and Nazis.

Luckily travelers will no longer have to see these kind of exchanges with CNN playing endlessly in airport lounges starting in March as the network plans to discontinue its CNN Airport Network.

Network president Jeff Zucker made the announcement in a memo to staff on Tuesday, saying there had been a “steep decline” in air travel blaming the coronavirus pandemic.

“The steep decline in airport traffic because of COVID-19, coupled with all the new ways that people are consuming content on their personal devices, has lessened the need for the CNN Airport Network,” Zucker wrote. “Having to say goodbye to such a beloved brand is not easy … I am sure most of us have a story to tell about which airport we were at when we first learned of a major news event.”

But CNN could also be worrying about their rating taking a hit with Biden in the White House.

Zucker admitted that he thought the network’s ratings would collapse once President Trump has left office.

“People say all the time, ‘Oh, I don’t want to talk about Trump. I’ve had too much Trump,’” Zucker told the outlet. “And yet at the end of the day, all they want to do is talk about Trump. We’ve seen that, anytime you break away from the Trump story and cover other events in this era, the audience goes away. So we know that, right now, Donald Trump dominates.”

CNN has been completely running their network on Trump hatred.

This may be why Zucker is reportedly looking to leave CNN.

“The timetable still hasn’t been confirmed, but there’s talk in the upper ranks of WarnerMedia that Zucker is expected to leave CNN in the first quarter of 2021, according to someone familiar with the matter. It wouldn’t happen before the inauguration, sources said, and one person close to Zucker cautioned that nothing’s a done deal and ‘a final decision has not been made.’ Zucker has more than a year left on his current contract, I can confirm. He last re-signed late in the spring of 2018, as I reported at the time, in a deal that locked him in through the election,” Vanity Fair reported.

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