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Clarence Thomas Faced the One Accusation That He Never Thought He Would Answer For

Clarence Thomas Faced the One Accusation That He Never Thought He Would Answer For

The left tried to destroy Clarence Thomas dating back to his Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

But even 30 years later liberals are still trying to bring him down.

And Clarence Thomas faced the one accusation that he never thought he would answer for.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Clarence Thomas and two other conservative justices dissented from the Supreme Court’s majority opinion gutting religious liberty and granting special rights to homosexuals and transgenders.

Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote the majority opinion – in a move many conservatives and Trump supporters considered a betrayal.

But even though Justice Samuel Alito authored the dissent, liberal comedienne and “The View” co-host Joy Behar singled Thomas out for ridicule.

Before getting to Thomas, Behar needled social conservatives that voted for Trump only to see Gorsuch – who was Trump’s first Supreme Court nominee – break ranks and stab Christians in the back with his poorly reasoned opinion.

“I was shocked, and I say bravo Neil Gorsuch, and there’s hope for America. I feel much better today about the whole situation. You know, what a disappointment this must be for the Trump base,” Behar exclaimed.

Behar taunted conservatives claiming Gorsuch’s double-cross was the thanks they got for standing by Trump despite the many fake news manufactured scandals that flowed into the public discourse over the last four years.

“I mean, they overlooked Stormy Daniels. They overlooked the ‘grab them by the genitals’ remark. They overlooked making fun of the handicapped. They overlooked locking children up all for the Supreme Court. This is the thanks they get,” Behar added.

But Behar then turned her ire on Thomas.

Behar stunned viewers by launching one of the most personal and ugly attacks ever broadcast on American television.

In her commentary, Behar attacked Thomas for being married to a white woman, conservative activist Ginni Thomas, which Behar said was illegal until a 1967 Supreme Court decision.

“Alito and Kavanaugh and particularly Judge Thomas should hang his head in shame. This is a man who is, in fact, married to a Caucasian woman, which was illegal until 1967 when the Supreme Court voted in favor of Loving v. Virginia,” Behar ranted.

“They voted for integrated marriage in 1967. That was, again, decided by the Supreme Court, which is where he sits. So, he should know better. The other two are lost causes,” Behar concluded.

Millions of Americans were furious that Behar would try to lecture Thomas about interracial marriage and use the fact that his wife is white as a talking point in a political attack.

Americans learned a hard lesson over the course of many years regarding the American left.

And that is there is no bottom.

Behar’s outrageous smear about Thomas being married to a white woman just proved it.

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