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Chuck Schumer Faced the One Choice On Impeachment He Doesn’t Want To Make

Chuck Schumer Faced the One Choice On Impeachment He Doesn’t Want To Make

Chuck Schumer

Chuck Schumer is on the spot.

Democrats are counting on Schumer to pull a rabbit out of his hat to win a conviction on articles of impeachment to remove Donald Trump from office.

And Chuck Schumer is backed into a corner and has no choice other than this desperation move.

As Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer will have a lot of involvement in the upcoming Senate trial into President Trump, which will ultimately decide whether he is removed from office.

If Democrats remove him, they are essentially voiding the 2016 election, and deciding that they know what is best, not the American people.

And Schumer is working overtime to make sure that happens.

But he also wants to make it appear as though he is an impartial juror in this case.

During a press conference, he was asked, “Can you legitimately look people in the eye and say that you are impartial?”

Schumer simply responded, saying “I am,” before being hit with the follow-up question of whether he has decided if Trump is guilty.

“I am withholding any final decision until we hear all the evidence,” Schumer claimed. “And one of the reasons that we want these witnesses and documents is so that we can hear the full, full length and breadth of what happened.”

After every Democrat besides three voted to impeach Trump in the House, that is very difficult to believe.

But it shows that Democrats are going to try to come from that narrative, which means that the impeachment hearings will be a long one.

This isn’t the first time a major player in the Democrat effort has tried to claim to be impartial.

During the hearings in front of Jerry Nadler’s House Judiciary Committee, former MSNBC contributor Daniel Goldman, who was serving as Democrat counsel, tried to claim that during a heated exchange with Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Gaetz pointedly asked him, “Are you a partisan?”

Unsurprisingly, Goldman quickly responded, claiming, “I’m not a partisan.”

“I do, sir. I think it’s very important,” Goldman started to say, before Gaetz continued. “Matter of fact, you’ve given tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats, right?”

Goldman stated that he doesn’t “know the number,” but went on to claim that his political donations are not relevant.

But Gaetz is entirely correct with that statement.

Since 2008, Goldman has donated the maximum possible to every Democrat nominee for president.

Not only that, but Goldman tweeted about the Trump-Russia dossier compiled by former British Spy Christopher Steele, where he claimed “nothing in the dossier is proven false.”

Gaetz exposed that as an outright lie.

“But the dossier said there was a Russian consulate in Miami, when there isn’t,” Gaetz said. “The dossier said that Michael Cohen had a meeting in Prague when he didn’t. The dossier said that Michael Cohen’s wife was Russian, she’s, in fact, Ukrainian.”

And Goldman wouldn’t even state whether or not he regretted that tweet when questioned about that directly by Gaetz.

This is what happened last time a Democrat figure tried to make this claim.

Do you think Chuck Schumer will be impartial?

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