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Chuck Schumer Came Clean About One Affair On A Phone Call With Democrats

Chuck Schumer Came Clean About One Affair On A Phone Call With Democrats

Chuck Schumer
Senate Democrats, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats thought 2020 was the year they took back power in the United States Senate.

They were wrong.

Now, Chuck Schumer came clean about one affair on a phone call with Democrats.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Democrats thought 2020 was their year to win back the Senate.

Polls showed them winning enough seats to oust the Republican majority and all the so-called “experts” thought the only question was the size of the “blue wave” that would sweep Chuck Schumer into power.

But on election night, Democrats were once again stunned as Donald Trump powered a down-ballot red wave that saw Republican incumbents win races all the polls said were sure-fire Democrat wins.

On a call with donors Schumer was casting about for scapegoats.

And Schumer settled on failed North Carolina Democrat challenger Cal Cunningham—whom Schumer blamed for Democrats falling short because he could not “keep his zipper up.”

“Chuck Schumer told party donors during recent calls that the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the fact that Cal Cunningham ‘couldn’t keep his zipper up’ crushed Democrats’ chances of regaining the Senate, sources with direct knowledge of the conversations tell Axios,” Axios exclusively reported.

In October the National Pulse broke the story that Cunningham allegedly carried on an affair with a medical marijuana lobbyist who was also the wife of a fellow veteran.

Cunningham served in the Army Reserve and made “honor and integrity” the centerpiece of his campaign message.

It is against Army regulations to carry on an affair, but since Cunningham was in the Reserve, he faced an investigation to see if he committed any acts of adultery while he was on duty.

This affair—which appeared to be confirmed in text messages—as well as the Army investigation crashed Cunningham’s poll numbers.

Despite public polls showing Cunningham leading Republican incumbent Thom Tillis, Tillis ended up defeating Cunningham.

Democrats were counting on North Carolina as one of the four Republican-held seats they were going to win in order to flip control of the Senate.

Schumer has a lot of explaining to do.

Democrats only netted one Senate seat heading into the two Georgia runoffs on January 5.

Even if Democrats win both of those races they can only tie the Senate 50 to 50.

Party donors are understandably upset as Senate Democrat challengers raised historic amounts of money.

Jamie Harrison in South Carolina raised 100 million dollars to take on Lindsey Graham.

Amy McGrath in Kentucky raked in over 90 million dollars for her challenge to Mitch McConnell.

Democrats lost both races by a combined 35 points despite their candidates taking in nearly 200 million dollars.

Donors are wondering what they forked over all that money for.

Chuck Schumer did not want to admit that he oversaw a terrible political strategy and fed his donors phony polls so instead he tried to pin the blame on Cal Cunningham and his sex scandal.

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