Deep State

Hillary Clinton
Photo by Lorie Shaull
Hillary Clinton Has A Lot To Fear From This Federal Prosecutor

Hillary Clinton and her allies are not out of the woods yet. That is music…

Kamala Harris
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Kamala Harris Dropped Two Giant Hints That Joe Biden Will Step Aside Before 2024

Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is becoming a major issue for millions of Americans. And it…

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The FBI Received One Major Order That Will Make Donald Trump’s Stomach Turn

The Deep State is back at it. Once again, the FBI is at the center…

Joe Biden
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Joe Biden Issued A Challenge To the Supreme Court That Will Not Turn Out the Way He Thinks

Joe Biden’s lawless behavior gets worse by the day. But now Biden may finally pay…

Kamala Harris
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Michelle Obama Is Mulling One Decision That Spells Bad News For Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris thought she was the future of the Democrat Party. But Harris misjudged her…

Joe Biden
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One Arrest Has Joe Biden In Deep Trouble

Democrats spent years attacking the rule of law. Now the chickens are coming home to…

Hillary Clinton Got Some Bad News About This Criminal Investigation

Hillary Clinton’s name is never far from scandal. This time Clinton thought she was free…

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Hillary Clinton is looking at a criminal investigation that poses one giant threat

This is the moment Donald Trump was waiting for. The biggest crime in the 2016…

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The Media Doesn’t Want you to Know This Truth About Voter Fraud and the 2020 Election

Many Americans have questions about the 2020 election. The corporate press labels them conspiracy theorists.…

The Latest Bombshell From Hunter Biden’s Laptop is Worse Than Anyone Imagined

Donald Trump calls it the “laptop from hell.” Now Americans understand why. And that’s because…