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Brett Kavanaugh Is Facing A Career Ending Disaster That Will Make Your Blood Boil

Brett Kavanaugh Is Facing A Career Ending Disaster That Will Make Your Blood Boil

Even after winning confirmation to the Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh cannot feel secure.

That’s because Democrats are still exploring ways to remove him from the bench.

And Brett Kavanaugh is facing a career killing disaster that will make your blood boil.

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh hasn’t stopped looking over his shoulder.

Democrats are hellbent on destroying him.

And now Brett Kavanaugh could get kicked off the Supreme Court because of this one mistake.

After Brett Kavanaugh’s tour de force Senate testimony last September, liberal activists filed 83 separate ethics complaints largely centered on ridiculous allegations that Kavanaugh had perjured himself.

Chief Justice Roberts referred these nuisance complaints to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals – the court which Kavanaugh had sat on before being confirmed.

The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals swiftly dismissed every complaint without comment.

But liberals refused to accept defeat.

New York attorney Jeremy Bates believed the court made a crucial mistake which opened up the door to punishing Kavanaugh.

Bates’ petition hinged on the fact that the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed his complaints because the Senate confirmed Kavanaugh to the court and the Judicial Conduct and Disability Act did not apply to Supreme Court Justices.

However, Bates insisted that since his complaint was filed five days before Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court, he was therefore still a member of the Tenth Circuit and subject to the Judicial Conduct and Disability Act’s disciplinary sanctions.

Bates argued that, “Federal courts depart from the time-of-filing rule if jurisdictional facts are not subject to post-filing manipulation. Yet manipulation is exactly what happened here: the promotion of a subject judge was rushed through the Senate. That very political process ought not determine federal subject-matter jurisdiction. For if the rule were that such a promotion sufficed to divest courts of jurisdiction, then politically connected judges would be able to evade federal jurisdiction in ways that most American citizens cannot. Indeed, most lawyers cannot evade attorney-misconduct proceedings by resigning from state bars. Why should federal judges be able to evade discipline through promotion to the Supreme Court?”

In addition, Bates claimed that, “In most American jurisdictions, attorneys — that is, low-ranking officers of courts — may not evade misconduct proceedings by the simple expedient of resigning from the bars of which they are members.”

“The established norm in the legal profession — often a rule written and enforced by judges — is that resignation cannot defeat disciplinary enforcement,” Bates concluded.

No Supreme Court Justice in American history has been subject to such character assassination.

Even after the Senate confirmed Clarence Thomas, the left accepted that their smear campaign based on Anita Hill’s suspicious allegations had failed and called it a day.

They did not harass Justice Thomas every day of his professional life.

But that is what the left is doing to Justice Kavanaugh.

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Just like with the Mueller report, the left thinks that if they can keep the story alive, then a smoking gun will magically emerge that will finally take down Brett Kavanaugh.

That is why Americans can expect to continually hear stories about appeals, perjury, and possible Congressional investigations.

But this strategy is doomed to fail.

Bates’ appeal is a long shot.

On the other hand, if he gets the right Obama judges to hear his case, anything can happen.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

(h/t American Patriot Daily)

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  • The swamp doesnt want TRUMP. & they dont want any of his appointments. If they can get rid of Cavanaugh they will never approve any more. Then Trump wont have the Majority COURT in OUR favor. I am conservative and dont want changes simply because the youth, who have never seen any history wants more free stuff from Govt!
    Sadly This justice is a target and the people fighting him are being paid to do it. The SWAMP outside our Country who control, most of the corrupt world wide politicians dont want any changes too. They are making too much money keeping American last and the Minorities first. because it is cheaper labor for them. Thw swamp has no country and can buy most things or people they need, Think

  • I can only say,this that I am for cleaning up the swamp,the worst mud and dirt is the democratic party,today and that,s my opinion.
    My opinion is based on 75 years of life and over 300 years before we became the nation we have today.
    I can not stand by and say,that 100% of the so called leaders of this party can think,These accuse of Donald Trump,is not “Political
    in Nature and Content”. If this impeachment is not a Democratic party Criminal act and has been from the Start,is no different
    than a Terrorist Attack on our nation and people.Judicial system is so Bad its time to rethink every aspect and use this as a Battle
    Cry and Revolt. WE do not need those in office who are sold out to a Party,and the youth has been fooled by one sided Professor,s
    in our education system,and make believe in History books are wrong and if you want a passing grade,you will have to bend to
    their Views and that covers all lower form of teachers,schools today.The New Math is Shit,when 2+2 is Not 4 and any other type of answer is allowed to be correct. This is why other Nation,s education System has excelled and we are left behind.
    Still on subject,this is the same thing the Democrat,s have pulled and the Media to reverse our election in 2016 and how this
    was started,the current impeachment,of Trump,is as Bias as it get,s and the media,loves trash,before Truth . Make what you
    want of my post,but from the 1st week in office,the Democrat,s,has made it their #-1- thing to remove him (Trump ) any way
    shape or form.Who is really the most Guilty? The Democrat,s, (?) The Media (?) Are ( YOU),the Man thing is said Trump abused
    His Powers,against Who.Biden “or” his Son? and the Military aid was with held for how Long,Not years not even a full month,it was Released in less than 60 days.That and to tell me that this nation was so weak,they had no means of having Military Money are hard ware to defend then selves,When other Prior President,were so corrupt and robbed their own people the Military Equipment to defend,its People. YOU BET your asses I would like to Know,whom was involved,with our Government are Their,s and I believe this NEW President “TOLD AND SAID THE TRUTH,He nor His Country felt pressured,to investigate a
    one American “JOE BIDEN<AND HIS SON for Political Gain,But If I was the President "I" would like to know if the Current Investigation be Assured that The money will be used for the intent,he requested,to make sure those involved are no longer
    part or has excess to the funds we are to send Him,NO BATTER WERE THE DOGS MY HIDE ARE LAY,they Must show this President will weed out,those who are Corrupt are my be involved.Fix it your self are else,there will come a time Fund,s have
    to be reviewed,before just asking and clean up the Waste are Wasteful spending 1st and make that what I feel is the Only right thing to do,because I have to make sure,that I am not Wasteful and rubber stamp all request,with out assurance,you will do Your best to use this money Wisely For the betterment of all concerns,Your people and Mind. But as always their are Those
    that will do what is wrong and those that are Right,Word,s are Words,and the "True are Real meaning can be twisted" by its Content that is 180 and % are degree is Not its true meaning,enough said,let it play out and see who is guilty of Far worst
    Than what I say the Democrats,having a Commission,that that was so one sided and locked others out of a Basement,who
    wanted to attend.This Was a Jury loaded with Criminals and their was No fairness and NO witness could be called on the
    G.O.P. NOR who was the Whistle-Blower brought are named who Started this ( ? ) in the 1st place,on Russia and a Nation
    that Has said,there was no problem,nor was the attempt to place (as stated) their current leader to do the Will of Trump.

  • 743699 941554I saw your post awhile back and saved it to my computer. Only recently have I got a chance to checking it and have to tell you nice work. 594016

  • There are some attention-grabbing deadlines in this article but I don’t know if I see all of them center to heart. There’s some validity but I will take hold opinion till I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we want extra! Added to FeedBurner as properly

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