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Bill Clinton Wants To Hide Sex Scandal Photos. You Won’t Believe What They Show

Bill Clinton Wants To Hide Sex Scandal Photos. You Won’t Believe What They Show

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Americans were left speechless.

Former President Clinton was linked to a terrible scandal involving underage girls.

Now Bill Clinton wants to hide these sex scandal photos. You won’t believe what they show.

As Conservative Revival reports:

The Democrats’ succession plan of Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton was foiled by Donald Trump in 2016.

The American people were sick of the Clinton political dynasty.

It also didn’t help that Hillary and Bill Clinton are two of the most corrupt politicians ever seen before at the national level.

Bill not only got impeached for lying under oath about an affair he had with Monica Lewinsky and suborning perjury, but he was credibly accused of sexual assault and harassment multiple times.

Some of the most damning evidence against Bill is his affiliation with deceased sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein was notorious for his exploits with underage girls, so much so that the private jet to his hedonist tropical island was dubbed the “Lolita Express.”

Bill flew on the Lolita Express dozens of times, but big media has furiously tried to downplay that connection.

Now they’re trying to ignore photos of Bill with Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell outside of the Lolita Express.

Maxwell, who’s since gone underground in light of Epstein’s death, was allegedly the “madam” who found girls for Epstein.

Bill’s numerous photos on the Lolita Express and with Epstein associate Maxwell paint a lurid picture that dovetails with everything else we know about him.

The Democrats claim to be for women, yet they’re so quick to throw them under the bus for any politician who gives them the policies they crave.

Feminists rallied around Clinton despite his malfeasance because they so desperately wanted a strong abortion advocate.

Even in death, Epstein has gotten protection from big media due to his proximity to prominent Democrats; Epstein was a big Democratic booster.

ABC News reporter Amy Robach was recorded on a hot mic lamenting the fact she had the Epstein bombshell story years prior, but the story was spiked by higher-ups at ABC.

It’s no surprise that the ABC News division is spearheaded by Clinton hatchetman George Stephanopoulos.

Not only did the Robach controversy go nowhere with the so-called mainstream media, ABC News chose to hunt for the person who released the hot mic footage instead of getting to the bottom of why the story was spiked.

The Epstein example is one of many where the American people are wildly out of step with media.

According to a survey, only 21% of the population believes Epstein committed suicide in prison while under supposed around-the-clock monitoring.

Instead of getting to the bottom of the story, they’ve instead chosen to bury all of it.

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