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Bill Clinton Just Went Off Script About Joe Biden and Said Something He Shouldn’t Have

Bill Clinton Just Went Off Script About Joe Biden and Said Something He Shouldn’t Have

Bill Clinton
Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Bill Clinton was known at one time as one of the Democrats’ best communicators.

Those days are long gone.

And now Bill Clinton just went off script about Joe Biden and said something he shouldn’t have.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

In an interview with iHeartRadio,Bill Clinton made a number of assertions about Joe Biden that left large swaths of the public scratching their heads.

As a fellow Democrat, it was not surprising to hear Clinton praise Biden.

“I think Biden has been almost pitch perfect in what he’s said and done,” Clinton said of Biden’s performance in office.

Clinton claimed Biden “made good decisions economically and good decisions on the staff and good decisions to have an inclusive policy economically and socially and politically.” Clinton continued, “If we can produce positive results that cross those divides by lifting everybody, giving everybody a chance, then we have a chance to psychologically change.”

Biden inherited multiple coronavirus vaccines from Donald Trump which are now fueling the economic boom.

All Biden has done is pump trillions of dollars into the economy which is causing inflationary pressures that squeeze Americans every time they go food shopping, fill up their gas tank or buy a home.

Clinton also touched on Biden’s massive failure to live up to his campaign promise to heal the country by ushering in a new era of bipartisan unity.

But on Joe Biden’s first legislative package—a nearly two-trillion-dollar social welfare spending bill which contained only nine percent of coronavirus relief money—Democrats rammed it through Congress on a party line vote using the budget reconciliation process.

Clinton claimed Biden needed to continue hectoring Republicans to roll over and accept his agenda.

“You just have to keep reaching out to the Republicans, and at the moment they believe they have more to gain by making a deal than just saying no all the time, then he should show a little leg too, and they can maybe do something,” Clinton stated.

Clinton cautioned Democrats that Biden will have a hard time acting like FDR considering Donald Trump powered down-ballot GOP wins that led Republicans to gain 15 seats in the House of Representatives.

That narrow margin in the House, combined with a 50-50 Senate, constrained Biden’s policy-making pathway.

Clinton added that Biden would have to pretend to court bipartisanship.

“I think the problem he has is, first of all, the last election was very close. And I think that it’s now a performance art for the Democrats,” Bill Clinton added.

Clinton expressed his belief that Biden could play the game of politics and cut deals with Republicans.

“But he’s been doing this a long time and he’s [sic] knows that they think they’re winning, even though he won, and even though he’s popular. So he can only get back to bipartisanship when they’re willing to do it,” Clinton continued.

This is not what Democrats want to hear.

The party’s base demands the Senate eliminate the filibuster to pass bills packing the Supreme Court, adding Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico as states, granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, banning firearms, and injecting widespread voter fraud in American elections with universal vote-by-mail and ballot harvesting schemes.

Democrats know time is running out until the 2022 midterm elections where historical trends suggest Republicans are heavily favored to take back the House and are growing impatient about talk of bipartisanship and want Biden to ram a socialist agenda through Congress before they lose power.

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