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One Big Name Conservative Just Got Named to Replace Rush Limbaugh

One Big Name Conservative Just Got Named to Replace Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh
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Rush Limbaugh’s passing created a giant void in conservative media.

Everyone was wondering what would come next.

Now one big-name conservative just got named to replace Rush Limbaugh.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Cumulus/Westwood One Radio network announced former Secret Service agent, podcast host and Fox News contributor Dan Bongino as their new nationally syndicated host in the 12 to 3 PM timeslot.

Inside Radio reports:

Cumulus Media is finalizing plans to fill the hole on many of its conservative talk stations left by the death of Rush Limbaugh. Dan Bongino has reportedly been signed to host a Westwood One-distributed program, weekdays from 12-3pm.

Bongino currently hosts a podcast for the Westwood One Podcast Network. It earlier was repurposed as a one-hour syndicated radio program and airs on Cumulus news/talk KABC Los Angeles (790) and KSFO San Francisco (560), among other company stations. reports that the podcast will remain separate from the new three-hour syndicated radio program.

The former Secret Service agent nearly won a 2014 congressional race running as a Tea Party favorite and strongly supported President Trump.

In a statement, Westwood One’s PresidentSuzanne Grimes celebrated the new programming.

“The Dan Bongino Show will tackle the hot political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric,” Grimes’ statement read. “As a former Secret Service agent and NYPD officer, Bongino is uniquely positioned to provide commentary and analysis that directly questions the philosophical underpinnings of both the Left and Big Government Republicans.”

Bongino has one of the top 50 most-listened-to podcasts and one of the biggest social media followings, which Grimes cited as why Cumulus placed their faith in him.

“Dan is passionate and relatable, with a natural ability to connect with his audience,” Grimes added. “Dan has been on a meteoric rise since his podcast launched in 2019, and we look forward to watching his star continue to soar.”

Premiere Radio Networks, who carries Limbaugh’s show, has not announced a replacement show.

“Best of” content from past Limbaugh shows will air in his normal timeslot on stations that carried his program.

Of course no host can actually fill Limbaugh’s shoes.

Limbaugh saved AM radio and created the conservative media ecosystem.

Both Premiere and Cumulus will run programming in Limbaugh’s timeslot.

Cumulus is betting on Dan Bongino’s social media star power and Fox News platform to boost their network.

Premiere will eventually name a permanent replacement host.

But before Limbaugh’s death, the radio network would never consider running a nationally syndicated program against Rush.

Now there will be a genuine ratings battle in the 12 to 3 timeslot.

And no one knows how it will shakeout.

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