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Barack Obama Is Terrified America Will Find Out This Is On Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Barack Obama Is Terrified America Will Find Out This Is On Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Barack Obama

The Hunter Biden laptop scandal is not going on.

It’s just getting worse for Democrats.

And now Barack Obama is terrified America will find out this is on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

There are more layers to the story about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop than the emails about corrupt business deals and influence peddling than the New York Post initially reported.

That’s because Hunter Biden’s laptop is not just a political scandal or evidence of possible crimes.

It’s far worse than all of that.

Hunter Biden’s laptop is a threat to national security.

On the laptop – which does not have two-factor authentication and was “protected” by the password Hunter02 – there was personal information for Obama White House staff, Obama cabinet officials and Secret Service agents.

The Daily Mail reported:

Information stored on the laptop includes names and mobile phone numbers sent to Hunter by staff in Mr Biden’s office at the White House in June 2015, a few days after the funeral of Hunter’s brother, Beau, who died of brain cancer, aged 46.

As well as the Clintons, there are numbers for two of America’s most powerful political leaders – Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell. 

An earlier email from November 2011 lists the names and mobile numbers for Mr Biden’s Secret Service detail while he was Vice President.

A source told the Daily Mail that “This is all a flagrant breach of security.”

This same source explained to the Daily Mail just why it was so dangerous that this private information was stored on an unsecured laptop.

“If a hostile state or individual had managed to hack into Hunter’s computer –and it wouldn’t have been difficult considering the lack of security on it – they would have easily found out who was guarding the Vice President and potentially been able to threaten family members of those Secret Service members,” the source told the Daily Mail.

Hunter Biden allegedly leaving key private information for high-ranking American officials and their protective detail vulnerable to hostile foreign actors makes this one of the most dangerous scandals in American history.

Biden family whistleblower Tony Bobulinski said the former Vice President is compromised by the Communist Chinese government because of his son’s business dealings.

If Biden wins the Presidency, the nation could very well face twin risks from the incoming administration that make it vulnerable to a terrorist attack and blackmail of the Commander in Chief by America’s number one adversary.

Never before in American history has the nation faced this level of danger from within.

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