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What Barack Obama Did In A Church Will Leave You Speechless

What Barack Obama Did In A Church Will Leave You Speechless

Barack Obama

Barack Obama spent eight years waging war on his political enemies.

Now it’s clear he is still running the Democrat Party.

And what Barack Obama did in a church will leave you speechless.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Barack Obama turned the funeral for the late Congressman John Lewis into an anti-Trump political rally.

Obama falsely compared Donald Trump to segregationist governor George Wallace and called for Democrats to impose risky changes to voting that could invite fraud and to eliminate the filibuster if Republicans tried to block this change.

Tucker Carlson blasted Obama as a “greasy politician” lacking in humanity for hijacking a funeral to deliver a political speech.

But over on MSNBC RINO former Congressman Joe Scarborough cheered Obama’s stump speech claiming John Lewis would have wanted Obama to use his funeral as the opportunity to attack Donald Trump.

“[T]here’s a tale of the tape between the 45th president of the United States and the 44th president of the United States,” Scarborough ranted. “You know, there were some sad, pathetic tools of Donald Trump who still shamelessly defend absolutely everything he does and think if they’re over the top and bombastic in the attacks against people who tell the truth to you that somehow that will discourage others from telling the truth about Donald Trump and what’s going on in this country. But let me just say, knowing John Lewis the way I did, and I knew him pretty damn well, Barack Obama did exactly what John Lewis would have wanted him to do in that funeral yesterday.”

Scarborough then attacked Carlson by referencing his comments.

“So, if anybody decides that they are going to attack Barack Obama or anybody else for speaking the way they did at John Lewis’ funeral, they knew what was going to happen,” Scarborough sneered. “And if somehow it’s sleazy to talk about the right of black and white, Hispanic, Asian-American voters to be able to get and profess their democratic choice on Election Day, if that’s somehow sleazy, well, um, well then you have a different view of America than John Lewis and the overwhelming majority of Americans have. ”

Obama’s comments showed there is no line the former President or Democrats aren’t willing to cross to defeat Donald Trump this November.

For as much as Democrats, the fake news media and Never Trumpers whine about Donald Trump supposedly destroying “norms” of American politics Barack Obama trashed the idea that a funeral is a unifying event where all Americans can come together to mourn the dead.

In the quest to defeat Donald Trump and turn American into a socialist nation everything and anything is fair game.

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