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Amy Coney Barrett Was Given One Choice That Will Have You Seeing Red

Amy Coney Barrett Was Given One Choice That Will Have You Seeing Red

Amy Coney Barrett

Democrats are determined to undo Donald Trump’s legacy of remaking the Supreme Court.

One key Senator just came up with a plan.

And Amy Coney Barrett was given one choice that will have you seeing red.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

The Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments on one of the major cases it will hear this fall.

Americans for Prosperity sued the state of California over a law that requires nonprofit issue advocacy groups to turn over their donors to the state.

Nonprofit donors are not reported in federal filings and Democrats want to know who is donating to conservative groups so liberal rage mobs, Black Lives Matter, and antifa can show up at their homes to bully them into cutting off conservative issue advocacy groups’ financing.

Americans for Prosperity spent a million dollars on ads supporting Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation last fall, and left-wing activists are now demanding Coney Barrett recuse herself from this case.

NPR reports:

The Democratic lawmakers’ letter to Barrett notes that “just minutes after your nomination by former President Trump last September,” the Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s sister organization, Americans for Prosperity, announced in a press release it was mounting a “Full Scale Campaign to Confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.” The campaign was characterized as “a significant national ad campaign focusing on eleven states” and that the organization would spend “in the seven figures” — in other words, at least $1 million.

The letter goes on to cite both statutory provisions of federal law governing judicial ethics and constitutional law that the lawmakers contend require Barrett either to recuse herself or explain why she is not doing so.

The defining characteristic of the modern left is their fascist approach to suppressing conservatives’ political speech.

If Democrats know who is funding conservative groups they can “name and shame” big money contributors to conservative causes.

A CEO that donates money to gun rights groups will see left-wing activists organize employee protests and pressure campaigns to force the CEO to either resign or renounce support for the Second Amendment.

Democrats don’t have just big money donors in their sights.

In Virginia, a police force fired an officer for donating money to Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal defense fund.

Rittenhouse faces murder charges after shooting Black Lives Matter rioters that bashed him in the head with a skateboard and threatened him with a firearm.

In Utah, a local reporter terrorized a paramedic at his home for donating $10 to Rittenhouse’s legal defense fund.

Democrats think if they can force Coney Barrett to recuse herself, they can tie the case four to four because Chief Justice John Roberts is a reliable vote for the left in any important case.

A four-four deadlock by the justices will allow the California law to stand and give left-wing activists the ability to menace conservative donors by threatening their lives and livelihoods.

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