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Alvin Bragg Just Got Wrecked By The Last Person He Ever Expected

Alvin Bragg Just Got Wrecked By The Last Person He Ever Expected

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg keeps running into problems with his plan to prosecute Donald Trump.

Bad news keeps rolling in.

And Alvin Bragg just got wrecked by the last person he ever expected.

As Great American Daily reports:

This was supposed to be the Democrat Party’s moment of triumph.

But Soros-funded Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg ruined it.

And now CNN hit Alvin Bragg with some tragic news that ruined his plan to jail Trump.

Democrats and liberal activists in the fake news media held out hope that Alvin Bragg held an ace up his sleeve when he revealed the criminal charges against Donald Trump.

For days members of the press chided conservatives who slammed the case Bragg planned to bring as ludicrous and ridiculously weak.

But when it came time for Bragg to put his cards on the table his hand was even weaker than critics predicted.

Even CNN was unimpressed.

Legal analyst Elie Honig explained that Bragg tried to manufacture a felony out of a misdemeanor falsifying business records charge from the Trump Organization classifying payments to Michael Cohen as for legal services after Cohen paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 as part of a nondisclosure agreement in October 2016.

“Now, payment of hush money is not a crime. It’s not a federal crime. It’s not a state crime. So how did they get here to state charges?” Honig stated.

“They’re relying on a state law that makes it, in that first instance, a misdemeanor to falsify business records,” Honig added.

Honig added that “in order to bump that up from a misdemeanor to a felony, you have to show that those records were falsified to commit some other crime, some second crime.”

But the indictment never spelled out the underlying crime which is a massive violation of the American justice system where the government must make a defendant aware of the charges he is facing.

In the statement of facts Bragg claimed the payment constituted an illegal campaign contribution in violation of federal and state law as well as tax fraud.

But Honig told CNN’s audience that Trump was running for federal office and thus state campaign finance laws did not apply.

Bragg has no jurisdiction over federal campaign finance law.

And Donald Trump never took a tax deduction for the payments to Cohen.

“He said state campaign laws. I’m not sure how violations related to a presidential election would count as state campaign laws. There may be some creative argument there. And he did say in passing, and it’s mentioned one time in the statement of fact, tax fraud. Now, there’s no indication that they actually claimed a deduction. In fact, I believe they did not claim a deduction on this. But perhaps the theory is this was the plan,” Honig continued.

Honing was not the only CNN legal analyst unimpressed with Bragg’s sham case.

Analyst Carrie Cordero ridiculed Bragg’s charges as a rehashing of seven-year-old allegations that both the federal government and Bragg’s predecessor passed on.

“In terms of a case that’s being brought against a former president, it’s a little underwhelming,” Cordero told host Jake Tapper.

“There’s not more to it. There’s not more violations, tax violations, and there’s not an incredible new set of facts that we didn’t know about publicly. It’s really the facts of this case as they have existed for basically almost seven years,” Cordero added.

CNN spent seven years preparing for the day when Democrats would slap Donald Trump with criminal charges.

And if even CNN could not spin Bragg’s flimsy case into a searing indictment of Donald Trump, Alvin Bragg should know he is in big trouble even trying to fight off a motion to dismiss.

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